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That's some cold shit 
Fred, you musta been smokin' water when you wrote this
Nah I'm in Brooklyn, back from Gary fresh off a dope flip
Do the speed
Giggling over cigarettes in bed
I heard her cuz she musta been kinda wild

Oh my my my
Who's Landing in my Hangar
Who's Landing in my hangar

I go rat  tat
a dick
They musta learned from they muhfuckin mother

OK like AK get back
Acid in my vat
X and O's what yo hoe ask for like we playin' tic tac toe
hood gal
No k me misunderstood gal
Way your body shape
It musta carve outta wood gal

And I'm burning for you
'Cause you're my love, my life, my
musta seen your initials somewhere driving around LA

On a menu in Korea Town or a custom license plate
You came a-walkin'
You came a-walkin'

I'm like
here with me

Look up at me like you believe
You should leave here with me

It's 3am oh no
Where did everyone go oh no
They musta figured it out baby
climax, we can't blame you 
Told shorty riding shotgun, ain't that true? 
It musta hit her off guard, she wasn't ready 
Mind was occupied on gettin
I'm ready to
If you stop to take a breather, see that I'm light years ahead of you

y'all musta thought y'all wasn't gonna have to see me or somethin'
the nappy fros that I sport
And niggaz musta thought that the master took shorts
but, give me a cartoon, a comic that's a funny
'cause I can give a shit how
päivä nousee taas, nousta maasta ja jatkaa matkaansa
et sitä kiinni saa, sillä määränpää
vasta perillä selviää

joskus musta tuntuu että ihan
Musta täplä auringon eessä
Suurenee mut ei peitä sitä vielä kokonaan
Se suurenee mut ei peitä aurinkoo kokonaan

(Taikapilvi, aivofriikki)
dog, this musta been a great day
But somethin wasn't right, that was just too quick
I found out this bitch was tryna be slick
This lil trick had a mic
shore to shore 
When niggas test you, they got to test me, too 

When God blessed you, he musta blessed me, too 
We one in the same and ain't a damn
at me
Shouldn't they look at someone else
I couldnt've done all the things that they say
It musta been someone else
And I don't wanna be crazy, I just
Call me ever ready
Cause I'm always ready
When it comes to you

Sounds like my little baby's about to go crazy
You musta' had a rough day
Have no
they musta heard the bag rattle
Tipped the cops off, and ran up, before I popped the top off
Got interrogated bout crews I never heard of
Got my face
Turn around and there's a bunch of cops right at my ass
Went to take my hand out my jacket to give up
Musta thought I was pullin out, no wait
with suckas on the side just clocked
She musta liked my flow, 'cause after that we got close
Spending long weekends freakin' up and down the east coast
Is DJ Snotty Nose and MC Don't-Know-What-To-Say
And when we hear they shit, man, we laugh at them hoes
They musta got off the pipe but they started
a jeans outta structure, ya musta
Thought you was playin' catch back
Might as well give all my people the pussy
If you gon' do it like that
Cause I can give
wait to get back wit you soon as I come off tour
Musta felt me thinkin bout us there you are at the door
Both been doin our thing, but ain't a damn
and dip, so don't trip, and I flip 
Musta been the cause for the action 
Reason why a mothafucka had to get checked 
Nigga, when I step on the set 
Musta been the cause for the action 
Reason why a mothafucka had to get checked 
Nigga, when I step on the set 
Then I'll be willing to bet 
It's going
Kun yö on musta, mustat puut 
Ja myrsky pauhaa täällä 
Sen sydämestään unohtaa 
Et meidän järvein päällä 
Myös asuu henki jumalan ja iäisyyden

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