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the guise of many
An also-ran
And yo

u're a weeper and a whiner
Always treading on the toes of the great
Generally spreading your weight
You're a spiteful,
fingerprint that could stop my behaviour
Generally, and federally
Etcetera, etcetera, shooting Storm Troopers like dead era
I emphasize like
You see generally
I try to keep my head straight
I try to keep positive thoughts in my mind
I gotta rise above the rest
and fly with the angels
and sipp 
I reciprocate energy that's generally uh 
New rappers like it's 10 of me 
Royalties you should sending me 
Ro add insult to injury 
I'm too
Talk a little more just generally about you and control in the pool

There is no God
There are no rules
But I wish there was something that I
shit different, nigga
Yeah, so, yeah, this shit different
Yeah, yeah, so, nigga, this shit different

The rule is this
It is generally safer
a cage, this ain't just a beach
This is how we harvest, this is how we eat 
The race ain't for the swift, but those who can endure 
And generally
and uglier
Spinnin' within my hyperbaric chamber
Nothin' short of a bloody rusty razor
fingerprint that could stop my behavior
Generally and federally
Apathy generally
Isn't hard to find
Pick a song, sing along
What is on your mind today?
We went down to
See the show
Acting like we're
In the know
our King! A-men. 
One verse, crossed out by Smith in original manuscripts, is generally omitted. Originally the third verse, it reads:

No more shall
and living correct principles.
The sphere is generally in practical folly.
The american way.
generally okay
(Hip hooray)
dragged on my kit gautier
recycled plastic handmade yesterday
my face paled assailed by the tales of decay
enthralled by the world
It was him, he named you the bird
It's how you were generally referred
We never really understood
Never really thought about much

But with
And attraction will be generally empty to the mention

Now we're gonna talk about the Batman,
Who lives in a cave with the Robin,
Who wakes up at the night
when I know em we celebrating
I'm levitating medication got me meditated
I'm educated but dedicated to better greatness
Generally my estimations were
A mind expanding never feeling blue
The world to me is generally the same
Without the needles flowing through my veins

I take the records you can keep
for anything in moments of blessing
While exiting edicts of Eden over our ecstasy
When a good God gives good gifts we generally tend to twist the list
what made enemies, but generally starts with your bredrins
Man are tryna tell the yutes about choice, same guys that we had no part in electing
and antibiotics
And generally just a wasting away
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh oh

Wanna go home, or I can just lay down
On the cold concrete kitchen
And I'm just generally speaking
Close your mouth when the general is speaking
Don't let me catch the enemy when he sleeping
Take everything, everything

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