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And then the silence
Is even more disheartening
I generally phase it out
But it will always come around eventually
I'm just too hard to be around
The more I
Generally I don’t feel so recklessly
Got me feeling sensibly
Now I know why my heart craves you oh so desperately
Helplessly in your grasp don’t set
what I wasn't what I was before
Generally speaking I'm depressed to nice
I've seen enough of this world to keep me up at night
I've got some paranoia but
to people
That's been really um, highlighted for me
So yeah, I guess I am in fact an introvert

Oh, no, that's always in the crapper
I, I also generally don't
and tell a joke
But you were generally particular around me
You were my friend but in the end
We were just an opposition headed into a collision

And if ya
seemed to be content with being generally silent on all matters
But was definitely on the Question half
Assuming this amalgamation properly worked in such
Ashamed, lonely
Taken aback, shocked
Embarrassed, traumatized
Burned out, put off put down
And generally unable to record my follow up to the Hawaiian
When people ask me how I'm doing I say I'm fine generally
I think that's - that's what everybody does
Um but for me that's not a real appropriate
High tech job 
How these people will invest in me it's 
Generally most baller shit I did since Fuego lemon tea 
C'est la vie
Liftin' heavy bars
Cuz my riffs like monsoons
My pips 
Gone drop soon 
Take my profit
Reinvest my loss too 
And check my options 
My executive call
A more fallow field
Will generally yield
A stronger crop
But one day it will stop

The money still comes in
But lately it
Doesn't make a dent
generally optimistic

One day all that suddenly turned for the worst, that's when 
I turned to you. I felt the need to write down my emotions in 
Case I
Kill muse 

I've been 
Spending every single solitary moment 
Focused on fixed emotions 
And notions 
That relate with who she is 
Not generally speaking
That's a big deal, I suppose
Fill 'm all full of alcohol
And that's generally the way it goes, and I say

God, forgive me for what I'm doing
I've plumb run
the hating towards me
Positive influences and motivation
Trust and faith to get me to the green I hope to be raking
Only climbing the rankings
December unites 
She holds us tight 
Hoping I won't lose the grip 
I so quickly denied 
Generally growing 
Her sickness is showing 
As singen sengers
What the hardworking straightwalking stoutstamping
Securelysealing officials who trow
To form our G.M.P.'s pass muster
Remember i said that i am the king
No details just generally
Oh the irony t y r i e 
Whose that oh yeah thats me
Told yall that id be back 
Already got my
wanna be rapping?'
Well it's as simple as Coca-Cola's revenue generating pie charts
Generally beneficial with a tight arc like a good jump shot
I feel like I have nothing to contribute to my life ‘cept shit music
My dad and I, we don’t get along much
But we sat and had a calm lunch
I'm just living
cos they make more in salary
I'm taking out your batteries and generally wearing you out hourly
Hold on actually, what do you really know about me?
you leave me unseen

Cause my days have been so painful generally
But it's nothing on what you've been through
I only wished you no more grief
And you
Last forever
But most generally
Were in control of our own destiny

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