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Then she headed our way and she said how do you sleep at night?
Then she slapped his face
And he said generally I sleep vertically upside with my eyes
paper baby
I'll see you later

Shout out the girls who be generally smiling
Ride with a GPS cuz you got mileage
Working so much and I don't get tired
described as typical, and ordinary…  
They're called an Everyman
Generally they're just trying to get through a difficult situation
I feel like I can relate
Kill muse 

I've been 
Spending every single solitary moment 
Focused on fixed emotions 
And notions 
That relate with who she is 
Not generally speaking
That's a big deal, I suppose
Fill 'm all full of alcohol
And that's generally the way it goes, and I say

God, forgive me for what I'm doing
I've plumb run
the hating towards me
Positive influences and motivation
Trust and faith to get me to the green I hope to be raking
Only climbing the rankings
December unites 
She holds us tight 
Hoping I won't lose the grip 
I so quickly denied 
Generally growing 
Her sickness is showing 
As singen sengers
What the hardworking straightwalking stoutstamping
Securelysealing officials who trow
To form our G.M.P.'s pass muster
Remember i said that i am the king
No details just generally
Oh the irony t y r i e 
Whose that oh yeah thats me
Told yall that id be back 
Already got my
wanna be rapping?'
Well it's as simple as Coca-Cola's revenue generating pie charts
Generally beneficial with a tight arc like a good jump shot
I feel like I have nothing to contribute to my life ‘cept shit music
My dad and I, we don’t get along much
But we sat and had a calm lunch
I'm just living
cos they make more in salary
I'm taking out your batteries and generally wearing you out hourly
Hold on actually, what do you really know about me?
you leave me unseen

Cause my days have been so painful generally
But it's nothing on what you've been through
I only wished you no more grief
And you
Last forever
But most generally
Were in control of our own destiny
forgetting I'm jaded 
While scribbling phrases that menace old ladies
Potentially dangerous and generally heinous 
Call Interpol, name em this criminal, let em
myself it's genuinely hard to breath 
It's hard to be so genuine when generally I'm not me

I can't even float but you expecting me to fly
I don't even
twenty eighteen onwards it'll sound terribly aged
Anyway, generally everybody's obsessed with the fame
Whatever happened to making art for the sake of it
Of steaming dog turd without seeming awkward
Don't generally speak how you feel in Yorkshire
Stiff upper lip with a zip
But getting pissed quickly unzips
somewhat smelly, kind of weird
But generally, A-OK teen
goes on in this industry
Not just music it's art generally
We pour so much 
With no guaranteed return
And if we lose
They tell us it don't really hurt
could mean inspiring people
It's a broad umbrella category
Generally, the Silicon Valley startup model
Tends to work best when you have two founders
the Joint Declaration and Basic Law for long time very carefully
And we hope it will be generally and broadly upheld

That eventually will change
You cannot
Demetrius. (Yo, what's up, Blood?)
I got lost in the sauce
Though truth be told, that was because I was generally lost
My heart covered in frost
A souvenir

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