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December unites 
She holds us tight 
Hoping I won't lose the grip 
I so quickly denied 
Generally growing 
Her sickness is showing 
As singen sengers
What the hardworking straightwalking stoutstamping
Securelysealing officials who trow
To form our G.M.P.'s pass muster
Remember i said that i am the king
No details just generally
Oh the irony t y r i e 
Whose that oh yeah thats me
Told yall that id be back 
Already got my
wanna be rapping?'
Well it's as simple as Coca-Cola's revenue generating pie charts
Generally beneficial with a tight arc like a good jump shot
I feel like I have nothing to contribute to my life ‘cept shit music
My dad and I, we don’t get along much
But we sat and had a calm lunch
I'm just living
cos they make more in salary
I'm taking out your batteries and generally wearing you out hourly
Hold on actually, what do you really know about me?
you leave me unseen

Cause my days have been so painful generally
But it's nothing on what you've been through
I only wished you no more grief
And you
I remember in the 3rd grade,
I would look at this shawty with no interest
I was a little kid tryna have fun, live life
And generally mind his own
And generally ready set it off anytime
This multi-syllable rhythm’ll tickle your spine
And then I’ll put the red dot 'tween your eyes, ""SURPRISE""
definitely don't think that every Nigerian guy is bad
Yeah so Nigerian girls generally wahala
But trust me you will love the wahala all the way
It's wahala
with a sword in hand
Generally hostile
We show no mercy for the weak

Armed with spikes
Shields crossed by swords
The old Saxon has taught us
And leather
Symbolic of the fact that even the deafness can't silence me
Increase the level of anxiety
I'm expectedly firing most that are generally wack
so long
And I ain't got no options, but to go hard
And I ain't got no options, but to go hard
I know you usually generally closed off
But Soley
starving and I've been needing a feedin

I've been on a cruise

they hollering n cheatin

They can fuck themselves jus

generally speaking 

making these
the silent solders,
we are the Bottom Empire.

We are allowed to pray diligently.
Grievances are generally forbidden.
The spring is full of indecision.
We are
In my subjects the main instrument is the Spanish guitar, which generally makes the main melody, accompanied by piano which is playing games with
could mean inspiring people
It's a broad umbrella category
Generally, the Silicon Valley startup model
Tends to work best when you have two founders
to be menacing is
not an achievement generally.
I'm keeping it real so that everyone sees
sugercoating is a sign of the weak.

Slow down, Slow down
So, you map it out yourself

But you gotta
Know my my name know my name 
Been through the fire, I know the pain
All wrongs I have done steady
Generally sleep deprived I feel like I'm on Benadryl (Benadryl)
Fighting off these chemicals it's tempting but my ventricles
Already pooling blood cuz my
the same configuration of the house, but we do want to convert the space upstairs so there’s a spare room, and we just generally want modernise the house.
generally not simply 

Do you like a coffee?
I like a coffee in the morning
Coffee it's that make your new day
Real coffee doing you a stronger
testing me
Are you my friend or foe
Or you my enemy

Generally i've been
Feeling so successfully
But i cant get my mind
Off this fucking ecstacy
I got money

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