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I always wanted to do one of these type shits

Uh, I had a yellow girl, called her, "Dandelion"
She be panty-less, so no panty lines
She's from
coat on the West Coast in the summertime
And I crumble mine down to the dandelion
Nigga watch how I handle mine

Spiritual, hear we go, hear this
place in the outfield
And continued watching the dandelions
Grow and blossom and turn into puffs
And blow away in the chilly wind

I continued watching
eat dinner
I'm down to skinner beginner to be a winner
It's a 


Who gets the roughest, you know the answer
You're a dandelion, I'm
Here I go, here I go this that C5
Bitch I'm back, with that crack like panty lines
Asinine, I get blow like dandelions
Fuck more hoes than
Here I go, here I go this that C5
Bitch I'm back, with that crack like panty lines
Asinine, I get blow like dandelions
Fuck more hoes than
pushin dandelions
Come short with my cash you be dancin like is Hammer Time
Yeah I'm lost and I'm blind, still I'm gon' handle mine
Have ya homie leakin
longer do we live in a society bent on it's own destruction
Children of every race, creed and religion frolic through fields
Of golden dandelions

and smell the dandelion

Well, all right ha, ha, ha, ha
All right ha, ha, ha, ha
All right don't sweat it, flat out get it
I got a hunch you're gonna like it
the trackquilliser
Dandelion in the middle of the desert, analyse it
If she ask me which way to go, I bet I can't advise her
Listen to one of my tracks, label me
stop my body (Go {x4}) 

Excuse me dandelion, do you want to dance? 
you know you oughta try it, you might find some new romance 
you know you gotta
head kill you fast with a rapid, head bust 

Ninjas spyin, the ammo flyin, the steel iron 

Blow a nigga neck from his head, like dandelions 

dandelions in the fall
Niggas heard of Chip Banks and left him lying in the hall
Your boy Sandy Brock was ill, like Kobe Bryant with the ball
It's no
Excuse me dandelion, do U wanna dance?
U know U
Oughta try it, U might find some new romance
U know U
Gotta get wild 2 tolerate this world 2 day
You're a fuckin' traitor like Lando Calrissian
Welcome to the jungle, I'm an angry lion
Piss your panties, you're a little pansy holding dandelions
and bones, I am, sin and poems, I am, tin and chrome
You grin and groans fuck it I'm tinted when accrete zone
Blow the pedals off a dandelion trying to make my
like a dandelion
I jump in the arena and stand up to the lions
Expand like a DNA strand in man science
Former old scrolls, to gold on Spanish islands
Dandelions, send a few to your father
We maneuver for dollars, in the newest impalas
Listen beat it I'm hot, every season I rock
Chinchilla filler leave you

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