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From the same place that brings me joy I'm picking poppies from the sky 
Lawnmowers! Bees! Daffodils, sunbursts, and moonbeams! Dazzling dandelions

I creep around in the dark
And I tear up all the dandelions
And I break my own heart
As I box up all the butterflies

of dandelion wine (burp, pardon)
Then I put him on a train to eastbourne
Carried his bag and gave him a fag
(haven't you got a light boy? )
"here, where do
dandelion, flower child
All substance, no jive-talkin', fast-walkin', girl babe
You might wanna, roll her up in a ball and eat her in a sandwich
But it's
The past don't ever quit.
There's boxes in the attic.
Baby shoes and taxidermy dream.
While the ashes of the dead, like a dandelion head,
and dandelions,
And silver at my feet, I want too much.
But I want the phantom at the door,
To put his hand in mine, 
I want too much
I want you to pull me down,
A glow surrounding you
The dandelions blew
Our wishes to the wind
Come and bring him back again

Soft white lights between us falling
it was
Anyway, I reached down and picked a dandelion here and a daisy there as I went along
And this car pulls up.
Said, get it the hell in here boy,
the television's on
I blow upon the dandelion
And think about the bomb

'cause I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm madder than a cow
I don't know who I am in the here and now
knows my secret garden
A forgotten yellow diary
Summer breeze bring dandelions
Starlight in a holy night

Oh my love
I shall seek for what makes me
could breeze over these higher mountains to those beds, fall asleep for 
a while among these dandelions and leaves"

"So calm there. Though it's hard
yellow dandelion flower
Are you glad for what you've seen?
Are you glad we shared these hours? Are you glad?
There's fruit on every tree
Far more then
summer does come

Bees'll buzz, kids'll blow dandelion fuzz
And I'll be doing whatever snow does in summer
A drink in my hand, my snow up against
You know where I'll be, you can find me if you need
Tearing up dandelions and they're screaming
Who you calling a weed?
Putting a laundry on, dealing
Your love is like a studded leather headlock
Your kiss, it put could creases in the rain
You're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock
Ride on a roller coaster upside down
Waltzing Matilda, Carey loves a kinkatchoo
Joey catch a kangaroo, hug you.

Dandelion, milkweed, silky on a sunny
were upon her as she took her seat
Her name was Amanda, pretty eyes of green
Hair of blonde, strawberry blonde

Springtime and dandelions
And summer
Counting dandelions and the parks they're ripened 

Counting threes, counting fives 
See the beaucoup view and the merry go rounding 
Spin your arms,
of Spain, our prayers in vain
Till you're Queen of Portugal
Owls now sail toward seas of Africa
flee, thou matadors!
Courts of dandelions
Wars of Oranges
is where I stay

Astronomy steppin' stompin' a pow wow I rock the mike and shake up the ground
And I'm a bust out like wild dandelions in fat bloom
a dandelion, swaying in a breeze
Floating like a butterfly, falling like an autumn leave
It's no ordinary thing between you and me

That's what I love about your
Gipsy Salami cheese is from the cave
Wild dandelion greens dressed up on the plate
Parmesan crisp, we wildin' in marea
Doing all the drugs off
freaky as fuck, I leave, she gon' follow
She gave me a sign
My fingers on her panty line
Rollin' up a dandelion
Took a sec just to catch the vibe
the grass get a little too high
So the dandelions can grow
What some call weeds, I call flowers
It?s my yard to mow

Property taxes have hit the sky
It takes

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