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Where the weary willow weeps for me
Take me back where I see dandelions blowing

And the river flows
I am never gonna take it back again
You must be smellin' cherries and strawberries and peaches
And plums
Roses and dandelions
Special lovin' on the night I spent with you
It was
Familiar faces and dandelion bracelets
You never meet a stranger
And everybody helps out
Soft green grass, Sunday school and wild flowers
Won't you feel my solar power
My love takes you higher high higher
Watch the dandelion
Whose petals are flying
Sip the spring whispering
Through my
Please get me out of that)
Don't you color out
Don't you bleed out, oh
Stay in the line, stay in the line
(Do the same drugs no more
didn't even take my name.
At 8 a.m. they let me out, I said: "Gimme them things of mine!"
They gave me a sneer and a guitar pick, and a yellow dandelion
Born lucky, I guess
Didn't hurt that I was in the right place
At the right time too.

That girl she was dandelion beautiful,
Damn she was
The boom box sings "Dandelion".
Now you're in the stars
Up in the autumn lights -
A stage set the befits
A Chieftain of our tribe.
Don't forget me
I wished for you on a dandelion
Scattered my love to the wind
And on every falling star I've ever seen
I've wished for you again		
I waited for
Hair like a windmill, eyes just like dandelions, she is my summertime
And I'll make her mine, it's just a matter of time.

And the sound of her voice
Remember back then
When we played on the
dandelion hill
Till the sunset
We didn't need anything else
Ohh... You're always protecting
Ohh... Come

but I've got my mirror,
And I've got my room.

I lost a dandelion
On an overgrown subway 
Beneath the city with no people,
Three and a half hours
And there was nothing...

Grannus' healing touch - Cernunnos' beckon
Deo Sucellos' strike - Taranis' piercing roar
Dandelions floating like snow
your garden
Dandelion alibi

Oh, for the love of it
Or just the hell of it
Just sink your claws in it
Set me on fire

It's been a cold, cold July
made me a ladder from
A pawn shop marimba
And I leaned it up against
A dandelion tree

And I filled me a sachel
Full of old pig corn
And I beat me
eyed (so starry eyed)
On the flowery hillside 
Breathless and fervid 
Amid the dandelions 
As it swept over me 
Like the wind trough the trees 
that badge makes them supreme

You kids are smoking dandelions
You're sniffing paper bags baby
You're dropping good n' plenties
We can tell your posture
one, two, three
On the sidewalk, the dandelion
Is reaching from a crack up to the sun
Words can be a wicked tool
For twisting truth I wanna be true
The first of the sun rays are cast on my home of pine needles
As I wake to the sounds of the wood from my dandelion bed
And I gaze through my small
Jungle cats battling through musty brush
Monkey's ciphering with fly feather birds with
Unincarcerated visions, signified dandelions get 
Bees'll buzz, kids'll blow dandelion fuzz
And I'll be doing whatever snow does
In summer
A drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sand
Add to these, a grin from ear to ear, all the proper gear have I,
So tell the whole wide world, if you don't like the thought of it,
Bail me out,
didn't even take my name.
At 8 a.m. they let me out, I said: "Gimme them things of mine!"
They gave me a sneer and a guitar pick, and a yellow dandelion
and dandelions

And summer 'round the corner
Was at the tail end of age nine
With a million dreams before her
She lived with her mother in an old decrepit

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