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Overgrown and wild
I've survived my own child
See the fields and meadows crying, yeah
Proud dandelion heads turned grey
Now the wind in a puff blows you
eyed (so starry eyed)
On the flowery hillside 
Breathless and fervid 
Amid the dandelions 
As it swept over me 
Like the wind trough the trees 
of happiness

I want to experience every little thing
I want to hear the dandelions sing
One never knows what one may be missin'
If you talk to the flowers
and squeals like a squeaky wheel
When the wheels are rolling that's how he feels

Little green wagon in a deep blue sky
Wheels like dandelions passing by
The 1st moment we ever met, when your eyes met mine
I remember the summers of Dandelion Wine
the dandelions glide
Everest, I'll never rest
I'll see you a mogul when I'm high

Crawl the thermal up a mountain
Like the Pteradacyl's wings
Waves of lift
And I gave to you the one pure thing
A girl can bring in her first lovers' dream

And I know what happened to the dandelion
Ring you tied on my wrist
made me a ladder from
A pawn shop marimba
And I leaned it up against
A dandelion tree

And I filled me a sachel
Full of old pig corn
And I beat me
petal take me 
To a dandelion den 
Where they'll be rainbow bricks to climb
Yeah to climb so high 
Dreams take me far away land like a sprinkle on an ice
were dying--
Dandelions were crippled, bald . . .
We saw it all in colour--
Now we're waiting for the cloud.
A mother forcefed baby milk
Which ticked
cars and chasing lullabies
How will I drag you out of motel daydreams
When will you realize?

I don't make sugar promises
Like dandelion seeds
There's a spit shine avalanche headin' one 
Way headed toward the light bright alley 
Way the beard blew off the dandelion 
Face and left a twenty
a frog, or grab a dandelion
Billy got caught, he in the hothouse fryin'
Hear that crow a-laughin' at me
Rain comin' down on the hangman tree
it all before

I keep finding a little piece of me
Every time we disagree
And your words float like dandelions every other way
I can't keep
dandelions and the parks they're ripened

Counting threes, counting fives
See the beaucoup view and the merry go rounding
Spin your arms, spin your eyes
summer does come.

Bees'll buzz, kids'll blow dandelion fuzz
And I'll be doing whatever snow does in summer.
A drink in my hand, my snow up against
And we'll spread this love like dandelions
And all the dandelions were blowing in the breeze
We landed by the river with the swan and geese
And all the long hairs were drinking on their

Oh, Lisa, Lisa
I couldn't really see
How I built a bomb shelter under every dream

And how I slowly came to be a dandelion seed
Eating sunlight streams riding on the back of dreams with Angelina
Drinking blue sky wine riding on a dandelion with Angelina
But there's a note
meet her once again
She looked like she was in command


Hanging in a ditch behind court two
With the dandelion grass and clover
and a hug and a whole lot of love
I sent 'em off in a letter to you

I took the mornin' sun peekin' through the trees
And the dandelion silk tangled in
From the same place that brings me joy I'm picking poppies from the sky 
Lawnmowers! Bees! Daffodils, sunbursts, and moonbeams! Dazzling dandelions

I creep around in the dark
And I tear up all the dandelions
And I break my own heart
As I box up all the butterflies


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