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you what all others lacked 

Integrity contained in the grain of the lines 
Artistic expression conveyed in the rhymes 
Critics dismissed it
me pimpin sold up, but bustaz don't accept it,
you need to drop my pri-zops, you locol jokaz critics.


Too many double faces, in unexpected
of the 
Critics, fans, spectators who stare at me 
And get the greater effect, flavor beyond belief 
Increase, calorie intake, with each 
Syllable I spill,
Awards and claps
The glistenin' only comes if people listenin'
But to a lyricist, chastising conniving, critics
Gotta earn your bliss, unchill
but at least I would speak
And my critics still wait for me to trip on the street.
When this world rains disaster why take a back seat.
We must move
I heard your plans,
Please go through with it.
I won't criticize,
I've got no use for it.
Armchair critics?!
They already blew it.
Let the dogs bark -
about room for improvement
Everybody got room for improvement
And wanna D ride a headliner
All these unofficial critics hella clueless
Forget official
And these pussy ass critics repeat it
Been the same since Even Stevens
Y'all niggas switch like the seasons (facts)
Y'all lives ain't got no meanin' (why?)
chopping up this chronic for days
The shit you got is okay, but dog it's not all the same
'Cause I'm a kush critic, I push that good spinach
You can smell
the critics and the judges
From the kicking and the punching
Or else they condemn you and set all the rules

Hide baby
From the daggers and knifes
Shock waves
Shock waves
Shock waves

Some critics are crazy, some say it's a rage
I'm sure they are stupid, their opinion's insane
Sooner or later
A critic has never been able to stop me
Somebody that doesn't like me
They may try to discredit me or even say things that are not true
and critics
Prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in
"add"-mit it, I'm that wicked
You'll get it later like last minute, shock critics, Infinite
Swim underwater with a Trump supporter
And don't come up 'til
this drank (drank), so I pour two cups (drank)
The critics always on my dick (yuh), and now I'm fed up (fed up)
Every time I tell my pops, he tell me
My money talk, my pockets' critics, yeah
Fuck the check up (yeah) (whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
Fuck the check up (yeah), fuck
I gotta get it, I go and get it, so go and get it
No time for haters, they motivators, I love my critics
Tell you ain't real, see it in your
Always talking, never livin', nigga, huh
I don't make no music for these niggas (ooh)
Say they wanna be a critic
But they cannot take no criticism, huh
fleeting if you say it, but immortal if it's sang
I really got to grindin' everyday I made a jam
I built a lyric library as a critic and a fan
I'd analyze
depression never mentioned how I wanna die
Why? It doesn't matter 'cause I'm over it
Here's a middle finger to the critics with a bone to pick 
'Cause I've
assume it, all the shit I'm in tune with
Give me two minutes, I'll put an end to the critics
Fair weather fans and cynics, I'm better with analytics
have no limit, though
I don't want superstitions
I don't believe in you niggas, though
Huh, they claimin' critics
Yeah, niggas simpin', these niggas
about the digits
I don't worry about the critics
Ask any ex, he ain't tell you any different
I'm on on a jet if you think about trippin'
I'm from

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