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for the kid who did it big
Critics eat a dick all my niggas did a bid
Have you been where I lived, lift the burdens that I did?
Can you get it
screaming "STP, rest in peace"
Falling off nigga, that be the death of me
Everyone can get it, everyone's a critic
When you this high, everyone's one
to kickin' it in the genitals
When I spit it niggas critic
'Cause every time I come with it
The winner victor definitive pen and pad pennin' and 
These critics claim that we fakin' it 
But won't live a day in my socks (no way)
I was on the streets since fifteen (huh)
Tryna force a shiv

Boots with the big heels, hot like I'm Nancy
With the silver stud, ooh, I look fancy
Whatcha gonna do, the critics come around?
that you can't please everyone
But we wanted to stand for what is real 
For more than the money or a record deal
As the critics all sneered, we sang
in this network like CBS
Critics is stressed that they see too much of me
It's troublesome 2012 when my album hits the streets
In every bar, I will
stay until you get it 
Block out all the critics 
Gotta remain consistant
Whatever you start you finish
Stay down so you start winning 
I swear this just
ain't need you broke, imagine my confidence with cash
Critics got they opinions on me, I let 'em talk on (I let 'em talk on)
The most valuable player
shell out to pay
Oh I gotta hand it to you, got my attention, and it's just so hard to try and look away
Don't worry what the critics say, I haven't
always with it
Yeah I'm loved but it's always critics
Cut the bull, my skin, no gimmicks
I ain't really worried being photogenic (on me)
Feeling like
knows I'm a get it 
Mother fuck all the critics 
We cutting them short like midgets and redefining the limits 
We go 
Word to Sonny, we never wanna be
And I think I'll lay it all out

Every time I open my mouth
You're comparing me to something
I'm not even about
And everybody is a critic
soaring in a cage
You'll never master your craft if you're a slave
Oh no, you'll never see your dreams if yuh nuh brave
That's why you never see the critics
To a place and sing my song
Always doubting and gettin' it wrong
But I'm destined to just keep strong

Answer this the critics say
But I'm destined to just
Hook: Method Man sample x4
Eff a rap critic
He talk about it while I live it
Talk about it while I live it

Verse 1: Chuck Strangers
I break hearts,
the rest)

It's not now and it's not ever
You are good but I am better

What's the world coming to
When everyone's a critic
You got some thick skin
But you
had changed round
Couch critics call the shots now? Hold it, stop now
You're fucking kidding right? Y'all turn a blip into a crisis
We good, all I
can't fake these fans
Fuck notoriety in the minor league
?? to the critics in its entirety
Money inspires me
Tracking the box the only thing that give me
to me
Nothing comforts me
You are your own worst critic
you're gone.

Maybe you'll return, maybe I'm insane
Maybe I'm a loser in some Godless evil game
I can be my own worst critic
Hero, friend or lonely cynic
Welcome to my city where the lights are really pretty
No statue for a critic, we don't kneel for anyone
We kept our face, so we could say
yeah, ayy
Man, my life a movie, you a critic, yeah, yeah
Man, these niggas sweet, niggas Splenda, yeah, huh
Ain't no more bros in these times, yeah,
the analysts
Shout out the critics who wait for the beat to drop
Shout out TheNeedleDrop
Don't care what you rate it 'cause I know that we on top
If that's

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