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Pretty Balanced


Balanced (Quarter Inch Jack)

move off the path if their diversions are counter-balanced by others." 

"It's the last great adventure left to mankind"
- Screams a drooping lady
balanced on the brim should I lean another way
Like a flame that's going on the dim needs blessing from the day, oh

Oh L.A. connection, L.A. connection
on a balanced diet 
Ego when it's loud self hatred when it's quiet 
Inside the castle this is what the life is 
Sign here after you read the fine print 
It's not
a love Goddess
So polished, I love a challenge
You keep me balanced, don't you see me smilin'?
There's no silence, we're always wildin'
When I need it,
Barack cause he march with the marches

I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth
Not the biased truth
Not the liest truth
But the highest
full of love traps 
But I don't want to fall in love 
I stand in love, good balanced wit a plan to shove 
A cappella as we start to speak 
One single moment and changed beyond repair
Hard to remember the way I lived outside
Stronger than friction, the balanced will until our worlds
I saw people marching in the streets today
You know we are made up of love and hate
But both of them are balanced on a razor blade

I'll paint
as we're 
Balanced on a ledge
In the hushed and listening air
Our bodies desintigrate
Sweet flickering flame of love
Consume me 
Once again

pigs fucking fly and it ain't about oil
And Fox News has always been fair and balanced

Do you ever feel like you want to go home?
Lost in the crowd
Balanced, on the edge of a knife,
In love with the night,
So I'll ignore the cracks in the ice.
And I'll raise my glass,
Sing a toast to the end
Some people stay balanced
You're everything I ever want in a girl

'Cause you got it all
'Cause you got it all
You got it all

And I want all
You can make me balanced, but you can't make me whole

Tell me it won't hurt
Now I, I'm your passenger
The old me, won't work
Now I, I'm your
calculate the negligible quantity of spherical differential for tight orbit, 
are sonar-radar balanced and translate windage occurrence, 
offset verniers,
I know the reason, I still cry out for you
So many highs, it's balanced
I just gotta accept my truth
I will be a six letter word, but four letter
Ghost in the mirror.
Just look beyond, the balanced reflection.

So tell me dear (tell me dear), can your heart still break
If it's already
to late 

Trapped inside this Octavarium [Repeat: x4]

V: RAZOR'S EDGE (19:59-24:00) 
We move in circles 
Balanced all the while 
On a gleaming
EDGE (19:59-24:00) 
We move in circles 
Balanced all the while 
On a gleaming razor's edge 

A perfect sphere
Colliding with our fate 
This story
the Mack good to stay balanced
You shoot me? I shoot you, best bet's to finish me
'cause if not, if I get the chance, I'm do you
Your shit all off the hood,
In the scale of justice and my heart remains balanced and neutral
My respect for all men is mutual
As my thoughts surpass a level to which you devils
it's kinda strange
I'm the last sensitive cowboy on the range
Well I try to eat a healthy balanced diet
But they all eat their brown beans from the can
Balanced on the seam between my memories and dreams
Floating down the stream between my memories and dreams and I see a better person waiting his turn to be
So many emcees focusin on black people extermination
We keep it balanced with that knowledge of self, determination
It's hot, we be blowin the spots,
hail, wind, ice, sleet, snow? (Hell no!)
I'm balanced, personified phantom to the bone
Walkin like a Jabberwocky
Scalpin' a pair of one-way tickets

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