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Pretty Balanced


Balanced (Quarter Inch Jack)

who's walking on a wire
Balanced in the air conditioned
Breeze that blows the wind chimes tells me that

I know a woman with whom I conspire
Well I heard about another place
Another world with another face
Where hate is balanced with affection
And you're free to love without protection
memory of our balanced domain
That shall be risen, rebuilt again

[Lead: M.H.]

[Angerboda spake:]
With his flaming sword he will ride from the past
medicines and a balanced diet
A lot of peace and a lot of quiet
And the doctor is always near
Welcome to the golden years

Now I'm not one to gossip
a drunk operator, like a game of roulette,
Like a martini balanced on a whiffle ball bat,
When a hard wind blows it's gonna fall down.
When the wind blows
instead of "pianna"
And you should see how she sits on her settee
With cake and coffee balanced on one knee
upside down
But never what surrounds
She keeps walking, she keeps walking

Baby if the church is balanced on its steeple
How in the world can it keep from
a decision
Will I belong to heaven or hell

Weighing out what I have done
My deeds are balanced out perfectly
So I've to choose my way alone
To find my
and razor blades and it was pointless
My foes had toes arrange w/ straw and they were barely balanced
I was a freedom fighter freely fighting reeling lions
givin' the dog a bone
Slight hunch, without the vaguest clue
To keep the blood balanced, now we're coming around again
Half past nine, quarter two,
Well I'm sliding side to side
trying to get those socks
Red, blue, yellow, put 'em in a box
We're bound for the floor
We're balanced no more
we've met somewhere for sure
Chasing shadows leaves you feeling blue
This situation needs a cure

New assassins, new messiahs
Keepers of a balanced
arms, take me to the place where you are,
I needed time to clear my mind,
Keeping Balanced on this line,
Was impossible, before I met you,
I climb, so
need to see a statue that moves
A tutu of satin, bordered with lace
Slender lines, agile legs, a wonderland face
Her beauty is balanced, an immovable
their laws

And will I be ready
When I have to do the deed
With a long splendid sword
And balanced honesty
And will I be ready
And will I just
The pavement shines wet
In focus again.
In a dead seaside town
I tried to change my mind
For a well-balanced view
That was not mine
the beat now please inject my vein
There’s a chemical breakdown and balanced reaction
And I ain’t gettin’ down with just a portion of the fraction
wants my cats I think.
Paranoia in my house now, and I'm balanced on the brink.
Well I can't run any further,
And I can't hide anymore.
And I think
Burning it off and spraying it on
Firve portions of fruit and veg and flotation tanks
Are keeping us balanced, and keeping us strong

So where
Perspectives ever changing leaving me in doubt

I've got a chronic disorder, I'm balanced between
The edge of a razor, trying to cut clean
I've got my eyes
right not balanced
you're tripped by intent to stretch
Searches coerce a mesh
But find no chance to clench against
Facts still remain unbalanced
And you hope that she'll never let go.

Easy targets, easy crosswords, easy life:
These key margins leave you balanced on the knife,
Bleeding darkly.
truths all fair and balanced
As long as our notions lie within it
There's no sunlight in our ass'
And our heads are stuck up in it
And our heroes may
move off the path if their diversions are counter-balanced by others." 

"It's the last great adventure left to mankind"
- Screams a drooping lady

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