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Pretty Balanced


Balanced (Quarter Inch Jack)

and Yang: two sides living me
Working in synergy, I never let it hinder me
Always keep it balanced, you can check my alkalinity
I'm colder than the wintery
the skills is big
To a level of extravagence, the talent's all balanced
The extreme dopeness for the nation
D. is the inital, MC's the occupation
No other crew can rescue
My talents are balanced my audience is silent
MC's stop biting or I'll get violent
It's a demo

It's a demo

I take a scene
balanced that way
The trend surface and it all blends perfect

[Chorus: x2]

Baby no you don't have to worry
Baby no you don't have to worry about me
travel through the blocks that's dimmest
Fly nigga, use my teeth to pop the top off a Guinness, never hate
With the hunger of a heavyweight
I stay balanced
a customer

[Erick Sermon]
I need a man meal sandwich, yes I need Manwich
I feel good, now it's time to do damage
I feel like balanced, you know what I
done by Mr. Zappa that I think are unfair to our country.

I think, from the beginning, to say that this is going to be balanced, when he has this
a friend for? Through rich and through poor
Kinda like a marriage balanced on a different floor
A friend could tell you things that he wouldn't tell
pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth
Not the biased truth, not the liar's truth but the highest truth
I will not be deceived nor will I believe
nada, strung you by your collar
The flow father who balanced out his chromosomes proper
I'm going home partner like Posada, they talk beef
But toss
the ghetto, I keep her balanced

Ghetto nigga, ghetto nigga
Exotic whips, exotic whips
Exotic clothes, exotic clothes
Exotic smoke, exotic smoke
believing (and)
And the solar system rotes so harmonious and even
It's perfectly balanced

Verse 2:
Some people say life is about taking chances choices
settle for less than it
You remind me of answers
In the world where we lose solutions to cancers
You remind me of dancers cause you so well balanced
If I could ask for anything it would be apprehension
Malice is pretentious, no further questioning
Balanced with a shin splint, down to Earth how
cheese nigga, your PH balanced for a man but made for the woman lets understand this, niggas backwards ish hop when do the shit stop nigga like a land lets
within ya
From out of this collision
The central cord became thick enough to trap its own light and bring vision
Each drop full of Hip Hop energy

We'll take, take, take it turns to get angry
Bury each other where we once balanced each other
I will wait for the moment to grab me
my reality)
(I'm elevating strong we're gonna go on to the highest degree)
This is why the universe, has itself balanced the scale
of devine knowledge,
microphone season, hey!
I can shock the rain
I exercise my extra eyes to keep my bones breathing
Ghetto bred but balanced to keep from falling off the ghetto
him sing
And the way he sings sends a chill right through me

Yeah, and now there's a mountain goat
Precariously balanced on the frog stuck in my
Body have ta physically strong and sturdy

Spiritually balanced fi clean and purge me
Mentally advanced fi always urge me
Read couple books and challenge
Girls like to hold hands; I had my life squeezed out once or twice, 
So let's call it even...and well-balanced, like a crock of shit 
Or a hell
the hard right, ground zero, to far left
I'm, well balanced, with immense talents
Burn the script, then flip it to keep myself challenged
And that's
Brooklyn's own, Mos Def
I'm rockin the hard right, ground zero, to far left
I'm, well balanced, with immense talents
Burn the script, then flip it to keep

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