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Pretty Balanced


Balanced (Quarter Inch Jack)

[being?bean?] balanced on your head
Rolling back those fears
The loose lipped trouble dutch double on the monkey
You can see it in his face when you hear it in
It's hard where you're living
Adding weight to make it balanced
Saying "it could be too much"
But he's clasping to his tie

There was a finer
and a balanced life
Cycles of tragedy
Cycles of tragedy
And the devil may care
And the devil may care
When the devil comes around

Harmonic fidelity boost
High pass filter on a balanced line
Tell her no bags, we shopping on tour, freak
We make a nice cold week and if you ass caught creeping
I'm balanced on the poppers, if I stop won't tell
there's six or seven words are in bad taste
It's absurd to believe that we might
Deserve anything
As if it's balanced in the end
And the good guys
just great if you'd 
Eat some healthy food!

Me promise that when you eat varied menu,
You get more out of every meal.
You need balanced diet,
we've met somewhere for sure
Chasing shadows leaves you feeling blue
This situation needs a cure

New assassins, new messiahs
Keepers of a balanced
Ploughed the moon reached an island
Balanced on the edge of the sky
But something always stayed the same
Deep down inside
No matter where I've
he never really had no choice.
There was a beautiful fire inside of him
As he balanced his way out on that limb
Could of burned right through that
balanced a diamond on a blade of grass
Now I woke me up with a cardinal bird
And when I wanna talk he 
Hangs on every word

And I'm lost
And I'm lost
the trade balanced charade close circuit truth used to
remove keep the camera alive
High rise, veins of the avenue
Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue
Everywhere is balanced there like a rainbow above you

Street lights glisten
and traded them pelts for beer, and then showed them how to de-gut a rabbit.
That night her friends danced around with their boobs hanging out and balanced
we've met somewhere for sure
Chasing shadows leaves you feeling blue
This situation needs a cure

New assassins, new messiahs
Keepers of a balanced
like a muffin sheet
Stay balanced like a runner's feet, it's me
a drunk operator, like a game of roulette,
Like a martini balanced on a whiffle ball bat,
When a hard wind blows it's gonna fall down.
When the wind blows
are menthol

In Richmond (oh oh oh)
Where the breakfast's continental
In Richmond (oh oh oh)
We're well-balanced, we're not mental oh oh oh
She's the type I carry by my side
Keeps me balanced, keeps her talons in my thigh
Reminds me of the damage of how I live my life
Keeps my salary
Ever-flowing white ghosts form on my fingertips
Balanced in peace, dancing in light
My grip blooms and blossoms forever more
Incubated, in silence
on an apple tree
White rooms and balanced fruit
The winter glowed on her leaves

Hold me like a child
‘Cause I feel so damn cold
Bind me like I’m wild
on the glad sandwich bag
And floated ashore
And as soon as he hit the shore, he balanced the game
He said that nine-tenths of his law was possession
And that
So would you tell me now
Are life and death a symmetry
Balanced on scales
Neither side chosen
And could these moments
Balance out against eternity
need to see a statue that moves
A tutu of satin, bordered with lace
Slender lines, agile legs, a wonderland face
Her beauty is balanced, an immovable

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