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'Cause you know them shits sink ships
It's foul, tryin' to go against the morale
Move the crowd, do my thing leave your ears aroused

It's murda muzik,
aroused you a rose of the concrete
Thorns on fleek
Study and I go on three, I can hit quick or chill and give you energy
Fresh out of college and they sweat
a loaner
My money aroused like my boner
I fuck your bitch and did that off aroma (yeah)
We whip it up, no baking soda
I turn a fuck nigga right to organ
me aroused you put a spell on me
Man if I can't have ya I'm a go crazy
I want you bad now and if you want me
Girl come to me now, I said come to me
a seduction
I'm a volcano
In a state of eruption
I live life with a wild intensity
Need to be aroused
To the point of intimacy

What are your motives?
Got me aroused, and it shows

She's a bad girl and you know it
I can see it in her eyes
She's a bad girl, Suga Mama
From the plan she's devised
Oh, that blows my mind
Now what should I bring
Strawberries I'm thinking
Or some honey for your toes
I never imagined I get so excited
So aroused
jeans, jimmy screamed
Jenifa, oh jenny

Shaped like a vase
No one can live their life for pos
Found a house, aroused my joust
Jenifa, oh
The way that she moves
Well I was aroused, impowered, impassioned by every move
It's so cold outside, we need a place to hide
Go into the club
the bitch had herpes! (you know)
Imagine me, the fool being the spouse
Doctor said I couldn't catch it unless I got aroused
Found out snooping in her bag
like it, like it
You make me feel so aroused
Hold it down in a crowd
Though I like the way you put it on me

That's why reality keeps telling me that you're the one
Just the very thought of you gets me aroused
I can feel my heart beat right through my blouse
put you in a trance
And get your sense aroused
So there ain't no use in holdin' back
Gotta let that feelin' out

Live in me, come in my life
of passionate speech
By fluctuation of tone and pitch
May have aroused unwanted recollections of negative occurrences
But no harm would've ever come to one
no miles
You know my style
See me and be like 'wow'
She so aroused
Had to let the windows down
You know the crown
The all white and black White
You keep me aroused
I know you
Feel the same

You arrive
In my dream
Beside me every night,
Just you and me
We explode 
Through the scene
And they jumpin' through a hoop, doin' backflips
And they say they get aroused by my accent
Interstate, go and get it, comin' back with it
You keep me aroused
I know you
Feel the same

You arrive
In my dream
Beside me every night,
Just you and me
We explode 
Through the scene
the same

All it takes is the moonlight
And as long as the weather's fair 
She reacts to the rhythm
Aroused by the evening air
The fragrance of her

Let me caress your consciousness
Want you to taste the thought of me
Is your imagination aroused?
It ought to be

Let me seduce your soul
witchu cruisin' 
Sacked down, popped the blouse, get girls aroused 
Popped out, shot the brows

Knocked the clothes and copped the house
Could it be
knew that in your arms I lost all reason and all rhyme
The passion you aroused in me made dizziness sublime
Heartache lay ahead I couldn't see
The sensation of life was aroused in ourselves
From the plot we digressed, knocked the books off the shelves
Then burned down the house, then met in a bar
and probably aroused his anger
Holding off her life as she faced the strangler

The crime seemed to be sexual from nature
It was substantial evidence that

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