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So eat when you're aroused and enjoy - Legendary bitch! 

"He's a living legend."  [x3]

("He's a..") [x3]

"He's a living legend.." [x4]
the clouded night
Hellenic songs surround and draw me to the light
Epicurean desires aroused; I fall down to my knees
A handsome sacrifice, for Bacchus if you
horse and no depression (if you're feeling bored, turn it off)
No boring conversation (kiss)
No need for no consolation
No need to be aroused

here fallin' around
I won't see your face lay you down
Cause when I'm fully aroused
I won't see your face layin'down
If I could turn it around
I want
up blouse 
Everytime ya pass mi, ya get mi aroused 
Hey you girl inna di jeans 
Look pun dat gal deh 
See what mi mean 

1. When mi go cactus
the jar
Your aroused body has a peculiar smell
My fingers find an oasis

Slip them inside and it swells
But one of my synapses ain't firing
Am I sick,
Fatal condition kills slowly
Too weak to move, breathe, or ever get aroused
Running ulcers and abscesses wrap your body
Quarantined to your
sound of crashing waves)
Make thyself aroused to a flood of tears
In streaks of day, when owls do cry
And fables tread the primrose path
All that bares in
But you feel it around. And you’re calling me back with the sound of the feeling aroused. You will get...

Said you wanna be this way. There is no
dreaming yeah, feeling this way for too long 

Feel the burn, feel the burn, feel the burn
All the dreams that you have not aroused
As the ladder you've
early tonightâ?¦

Through The Earth
Six Feet Down
Fresh Young Corpse
I Grow Aroused

My shaking bloodied hand scrapes the finished wood
As I punch
Shall be ruined Veil of slumber shall fall apart
Aroused from my sleep I'll rise And shall begin
Living Flash of light, mental thunderstrike Mind
all she needs is her right hand Ann likes to masturbate =
She likes to make herself feel great Ann likes to masturbate when she =
Gets aroused, she's
story, about pie

Drivin down south, though quickly aroused
When my car caught a flat, and then this old farm house
I hope somebody's home, takin
funerals, criminals turned aroused
The Brick City, nobody come off like P.Diddy
Business wise, I play men
Hide money on the Island Cayman, y'all just
FYI, Polique, whole house so loud
I see titties and ass no kiddies, allowed
We don' pity the petty in my city, my town 

Dance, Dance,
calm down and listen
I'm bound to fix it
Always get it done, my sound efficient
I remember I was not allowed in this shit
Now I get aroused, same
with you
'Cause we see that you don't have a purpose
It's clear that you don't leave the house
We date you and don't be aroused
Only pleasure that we
On a mountain I watched him
When proudly he swung his steel
Entrancing my heart in mystical harmony
On a mountain I saw it
When knowledge aroused his sense
the night
Please set me free
I can't resist a touch of evil

Aroused with desire
You put me in a trance
A vision of fire
I never had a chance

A dark
Your right arm embraces me
Aroused and awakened with love
I so desire, my lover

(x2) The winter has past Flowers appearing The season of singing
As garden statues 

A grotesque feast 
Of human flesh and pus 
Aroused by pain 
A gateway to death 
Madness reigns 
At the climax of carnage 
absorbing crowd's attention 

In darkness the troubled eyes 
Have aroused true emotions 
The knife was still warm 
The betrayed lover 
Which was
punishment to gain
Points of dying - reach the top
As penetrance diminished
Scorching days surround me
Massacring to finish

[2nd chorus]
Tensile pains

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