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can't be aroused unless I'm in love
So thank God I found you, thank God I found you

And I want you
And I need you, now and forever
And I want you
leavin' today

Sometimes I feel aroused so I cannot be down
All the time I've been on my owm
Any sound of being here
Time to wastearound a friend
diamonds Giorgio splash
The suede is aroused and caress and Caribbean gems
The squeezin' of jizza is stimulated now on my bend
Lent symphonies, left
got the wire 
Ignored it, then poured it real slow in tekida's glass 
Her radiance, radiance smilin', diamonds giorgio splash 
The suede is aroused
confused, or concerned, or
Shocked, or aroused, or all of the above. But no-one
Dared interfere with the performance. Jennifer's long
Ashen hair hung
I love my car like it was my girlfriend I like to caress the grain
Followed the wheel and I got aroused
Swung in the ditch and I wrecked the frame
of coming closer
To understanding more about what intrigues me most

I didn't get turned on I just got turned
I wasn't as aroused as I was concerned
For each
Seven dollars and a Coca Cola
Living in the streets for now
Aroused by the touch of a woman
Passing by me in the bus
Every step I take I wonder
Don't be aroused, by my confession
Unless you don't give a good Goddamn about redemption
I know Christ is comin', so am I
And you would too if
school skirt
So aroused I got hard as a missile I blew on his whistle playing back and forth
For this nigga I can't dismiss you he asked can I kiss then
Pain, please end the pain
I submit to whoever is causing this pain
In a sense I enjoy the agony
Subconsciously I am aroused


By now I should
with indifference
Aroused as your victims cry
Unjust pain they love to inflict
Breaking their souls, then their minds
Malevolent and rancid
And awakes from drowse
The scheming dead freed
Of gossamer shrouds
We gorgonise eyes
Of the storm aroused

Blinding time
All lines dine on this
somehow aroused by this shit
Then I wonder why certain people are pleased by others' pain

I've always had this, this ain't nothing new
This fucking
ghosts find pleasure in
Your funny presence, sweetheart
They risk capture to be crushed
Aroused in tune to cheap machines

Flashing time down
nothing of the former man
But your breath stood up to celestial law and the ribbon of distance was cut


I was roused
And aroused
Does nothing live on? 

Learning to cope with feelings aroused in me 
My hands in the soil, buried inside of myself 
My love wears forbidden colours
the one, you are the one, ooh oooh.
Amazed by the way that you shake them hips,
shakin' your ass off in my dick.
I get aroused by them sexy lips cause
I'm aroused the way you carry on 
But then you're gone 
I'm not that strong 
Repeat 2 
Repeat 1 
You like to talk about getting down 
But when
from the sideline like you intend to step

Fuck the battlin', it's World War four, I mean the red form
No need to crowd, the name is aroused up in
I can't take it no more
Move it one more time and watch my knees buckle
She tip drip type quit to get her dirty, hype, and aroused
Always see her
You're the stop that I came to
The good time station
With no regulation and no masquerade
All you have aroused in me is my suspicion
By your own
Between the Devil and the deep sea, you'll find me
Dreaming evil endlessly, aroused by life's fantasies

What do you do when dreams come true and it's
You run away, 
I'll feast on agony's only day. 
In the pit of saddened clouds, 
Screams of pain, 
I get aroused, 
Carcass melted down, 

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