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Your right arm embraces me
Aroused and awakened with love
I so desire, my lover

(x2) The winter has past Flowers appearing The season of singing
As garden statues 

A grotesque feast 
Of human flesh and pus 
Aroused by pain 
A gateway to death 
Madness reigns 
At the climax of carnage 
absorbing crowd's attention 

In darkness the troubled eyes 
Have aroused true emotions 
The knife was still warm 
The betrayed lover 
Which was
punishment to gain
Points of dying - reach the top
As penetrance diminished
Scorching days surround me
Massacring to finish

[2nd chorus]
Tensile pains
desire, forgotten itself
Behind progression, breath my death through the air
Aroused by carcass, I found it there


Hollow laughter, childhood
Baby stop, hold up you got me aroused. Don't you know I like it when we get down, ain't no more time for me messing around I am bringing it on 50 pounds
Head strong, ceaseless stare
Aroused by vulgar carcass
Diseased from iron ware
Cast iron imprisonment, trash in agony
Outcasts are butchered,
the night
Please set me free
I can't resist a touch of evil

Aroused with desire
You put me in a trance
A vision of fire
I never had a chance

A dark
touchin herself while i gaze
this shit we're doin make marving gaye aroused in his grave
and i'm sideways slantways, she's backwards frontwards
the symptoms for it
But I know it feels good to me

Every time she comes around my emotions are so aroused
And if I could I would get with her now
It seems feasting on young infant flesh has made my semen leak.
I am aroused. Fuck I'm crazy
I fuck the blood. I need meat on my cock.
No meat
the sun
Carry me into the sun
In the crowd I get so aroused
I see people and they walk so proud
I wish to hold your hand now baby
Squeeze it tight as hard
the sin

Share the warmth
From her fair skin
Aroused and cold from the lips
Of a cadaver

Disciples begin to breed
Raping seeds from the body
FYI, Polique, whole house so loud
I see titties and ass no kiddies, allowed
We don' pity the petty in my city, my town 

Dance, Dance,
Now I can't watch Nickelodeon with my dick in my hand anymore
Now I'm fucking upset
This is some fucking bullshit"

Dan Schneider
Bring all my
killing nothing will ever stop me from fucking murdering upheaving these human stockpiles of brown sediment extremely aroused by the sight of fucking pain
Listen to your heart never forget
Tales of yore trust them yet

The warriors aroused by weariness
Ascended the porch an innocent soul
They're only good for sexual fulfilment
All I need is their genitalia
Bitches cunts whores and sluts
Subjected to ungodly beatings
I'm aroused
the carpet of thousand flowers
Music of all spheres
...He is back!
Aroused women wash their naked bodies
In bubbling springs of sweet dark wine
The whole world
Anger 'bout something I never even saw
Your emotions aroused, your aggression released
You seek to pillage, the man is now beast
I don't know how
I just gotta dance right now, it's critical
Bouncer, bouncer

Bouncer, empowered and aroused
I see it in your trousers
And in the way you
All 'round this empty space
Baseboards and change with dust
Discard hopeful display
Once it aroused the brave in us
Maintain every night
And I sure liked her diction
Hanging out with all the country boys
Aroused my suspicion I didn't belong
We got carried away

(She had a dude's
And I sure liked her diction
Hanging out with all the country boys
Aroused my suspicion I didn't belong
We got carried away

(She had a dude's

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