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I need a catalyst, to rekindle the flame 
That once burned within these fists where defeat remains 
One Februrary night, we screamed our agonies
pride is victory

There is blood there is pain
But my agony is not in vain
Cause there's life after death
And I'm sure coming back to attack
Loss of vision brain contusion sight and short of breath
Heartbeat pounding, pulse is slowing light has turned to black
Excruciating agony have you

Watch your head up on a pole

What's the point of agony?

No money, I can't stand it
If you'd just accept the pain

One fantastic planet

Push it
and I'm overflowing energy
The agony is understated, no one understands
My tripled manic state is multiplying all my violent plans

Tripled manic state
Truth eternally
Beyond my grasp is a life
That I will never attain
Happiness, joy, not in sight
Supplanted by truth's dark reign
Physical, mental agony
agony´s gone
And I´m sure that you´re strong 
So believe me love is The Reason we´re here
Take me along for a cosmic trip
Leave the earth on a flying
of torment
I'm in pain
Consumed with agony
I live in vain
Rosered as tears cut my face
...Washed Away...
Poison injection
Body infection
Death reflection
wicked maze
To a new day

We will rise out of agony
And find our way to victory

Higher we go, climbing up to the skies
Higher we go, a new day will arise
I'm waiting on the empty docks 
Watching the ships come in 
I'm waiting for the agony to stop 
Oh, let the happiness in 
I'm watching
Come to my dream, my beautiful life
Nobody knows, nobody can stop
Come to my dream, my sweet agony
I feel like God, I feel so free
Join us
as you writhe... in agony and shame!

Bursting from the sidelines, locked in firmly now
I am power and dominion and I will not be denied
Don't provoke
Life is the path you take
The uncaring
And loss of resepct
Leads to agony

life is sacred
Tread softly in your ways
There's an epidemic
In these days

of justice is lost on the ropes
Bodyhammer I'm lost on the ropes
Bodyhammer I'm lost on the ropes
Bodyhammer I'm lost on the ropes
This is the eve of agony
in reality
Crippled and hemorrahaging
Miserable biformity
In the throes of agony
But never to be apart in reality

living with this pain and in agony
Until the devil comes and fetches with glee

Kommt heraus, kommt heraus
Embryodead, you will go mad, let's ease your
of me
Please, Lord, help me
Deliver me from this agony (this agony)

God grant serenity for the sins that's in a me
Keep me from hurt, harm,
fearing agony

Broken days, in my bitter reality
Conform thy self, I brood within
Prepare to die, as I wade through these sullen days,
The know not my
Don't take it so hard, my friend
What a cool, cool collie
What a cool, cool agony

Even the cops might intervene
But they won't catch you
forth, I scream out, my cries go unheard

Anguish and agony, brought on now through all I know
Intangible, it seems, but I'll find my way

You were never
and you run but can't get away
From the agony of the pain

You cannot stop it now
Every nerve in your body growls
Mind craves spirit unrest
She rise pathway of blood 
No one escape from her sorrow 
Lloth the mighty queen 
Seductress of Gods and mortals 

Agony paints the eyes
Through all the pain an misery you were supposed to bring us back the smile
We lay screaming in agony for too many years now
Mankind is nothing more
here but me 
Once you're here the portal behind you is closed 

I'll guide you to agony 
I'll make you detest 
I'll bring you depravity 
This is my

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