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Answer me, it can't be so hard
Cry to relieve what's in your heart
Desolation, grief and agony

Trying to move
Down in this grave
carry us to our grave
Dream a dream in agony
Sweetest dream you'll ever see
Make my dream reality oh carry me
Carry me to my grave

She placed
I'm falling apart
In agony
I see no way out
The pain's in my heart

It's killing me
God take it away
I just can't go on
I'm suffering
Let there be lust if there's no love to feel
Let there be war if there's no peace that's real
All sentiment drains from my consciousness
The agony
is an obsolete illusion

We are afraid of all the things that could not be
A phantom agony

Do we dream at night
Or do we share the same old
But who am I?

Who am I to compare my pain to yours?
Suffering is sweet agony
Who am I to compare my pain to yours?
My suffering must mean
Where they come from

Born dead into this world
To starve and rot in agony
Born dead into this world
It's their choice, why can't you see
of never-ending agony?

Are they themselves to blame, the misery, the pain?
Didn't we let go, allowed it, let it grow?
If we can't restrain the beast which
of never-ending agony?

Are they themselves to blame, the misery, the pain?
Didn't we let go, allowed it, let it grow?
If we can't restrain the beast which
A little collie weed to ease I grief
Too much agony living in the limits of big city
A little collie weed to meditate
Too much insanity in this
Hypnotized by the masses
And a future torn apart
Agony, the final conflict
Hatred yet ignored
Love is colder than death
And in coldness we'll
dreams would be broken for you

Today I introduced myself
To my own feelings
In silent agony, after all these years
They spoke to me after all these
Manifest of a long lost truth
Where pain and agony
Is absolute

In this life of sadness
True serenity lies within
Dream of distant places
against Christ
War against Christ

Earth cracks asunder
Sharpens the bass to point
Echoes summoning are'lyeh
To agony anoint

War against Christ
of agony plays on
We pay the price, the last in line to fall
As the symphony plays on

Suffering, are we lost in genocide?
Though we're aching, I won't
But I get a rush, you don't know it cause I blush
But whenever you approach oh baby oh baby 

[Chorus x2]

You're such a sweet agony, pure agony
of yourself 
bring down emotions 
A will to resist 
Mental distortion 
Agony persists 
Violence to aggression 
Psychotic madness 
Mortal persuasion
you just take our pile on the agony

i bet you're in a bed of roses
lying in a heap
surrounded by your new possessions
so tasteless and cheap
like a
The suffering
When we're alone

Typical enough for me
That I burn inside in agony
What power will enable me
To bury my vision
You don't know what you're winning
Unless you know the score
You can't tell you're losing
Unless you feel the agony
Then you know what conquers
Adapt a potency
Death machine, infest my corpse to be

Unyielding kings of agony
Test your body chemistry
Pulmonary overthrow
the stampede

Rescue me
Rescue me from agony
Dressed in white 
Stained with blood 
On her naked feet 
A silent dance she dances 
In the forest where the trees 
Scream out in agony 
As they
Will the silence of fire fall?

Cruelty, don't speak to me
I fell in love with agony
Suddenly, I swept the floor
For your insanity

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