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of never-ending agony?

Are they themselves to blame, the misery, the pain?
Didn't we let go, allowed it, let it grow?
If we can't restrain the beast which
Born to kill - leave a beautiful corpse 

Punish all those victims 
Laughing as they die 
Putrid smell of agony 
Hear the victims cry 

Eyes that
A world steeped in torment
Where agony prevails
With cruel sadistic torture
All hope of life now fades

The time has come, you have no choice, now you
and cracking but always remaining alive
Mummified - watching and waiting
Horribly shocking and sickening but never decaying
In motionless agony
Young ones still
pride is victory

There is blood there is pain
But my agony is not in vain
Cause there's life after death
And I'm sure coming back to attack
Killing, dying for glory

Maidens of war
Children of the gods
Farewell - farewell
Maidens of war

You slaughter, you've killed your flesh
grinning a time
Lifting up my agony
Suffice it to say
I'll damn the whole day
Whole day
Heaven knows where heaven is
Heaven knows just what I miss
hear about the U.S.A., but not the other side

In fileds of agony everybody dies
How many humans, how many does it take?
We get a cedar box, they get
Hopeless mind like my spirit cries
In agonies and stamina

Crawling cosmos silence from
The thrones above the calmed clouds of deep blue sky
I can't
You can't begin to start to bear the taste, the morning after dark
Close your eyes so that you can't see
The reality of your tormented agony
Sweeps through the night
In agony they await
The glory of destiny's grasp

The truth 
Sought by those
Who dance with infinite darkness
In agony we are now
Twisted unblessed we must strive
Repulsed by the false harmony
Blinded by truth that eyes can't hope to see

Foolish man
Blood in torrents wrist sheds life
Like skin from a mask of agony
Meat flayed open beyond stitches
Plasma soaks into the sheets
On death bed once
of agony
My mind insane
Nowhere security
And nowhere shame
A yearn for harmony
No silly game
Penetrate my brain

Does it help us
'Til final 
Relieve sends it's
Redemption for the chained
Pain, the agony keeping me in black 

My mind
Clouded, dark and frail
sea of agony

My conscience with grief
Led myself astray once more
Nothing seems real
Disillusional shadow

Born with eyes
But they are not to see
Living on your knees
Choking on your spiritual agony
Follow the traces of blood
Throughout the past
it's cool when it's good
But the bad's got me in agony (agony)
Just let me be
You make me scream, aah
You make me scream, aah

I don't need to play
Torment, agony

Captured for eternity
You're the main attraction

Torture, misery
Endless suffering
Pleasing to the eye
To this you

Life is born of agony's strain
Manifested in suffering
Most live crippled by fear,
I'd rather walk it off on bloody stumps until
'Til agony's found

Though the sorrow and fear they may depart you today

I will fail you
Of that I'm sure
I will remind you of the pain forevermore
here I am

Carry me, anywhere and she´ll be waiting
Let me be, resting by her patiently and
Maybe she, will shatter all the truth inside my
Distinction, resist and persevere

Being swayed by agony
Obedience and compulsion
Subordination eternally
Revolt remains an illusion

Deprived latitude
of immense
Bleeding the deceas the beginning of the end is the greatness in death shimering nebula of blood
Lifted from sights spoken by language

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