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from such placid lips
Still I kiss her silken flesh

Frigid air leaves me breathless
Foolish agony fills my lungs as I try to scream for her 
fêlures endormies
Oh toutes les peines, toutes les mêmes
A quoi riment-elles ?
Tout c'qui saigne, nos infimes agonies

Des jeux
Sur écran
the lens on Christ's agony on the garden
Doomed for His friends- His tragedy for our pardon
Foreseeing the Father's cup of wrath has Him stifled and weak
wander through this cherished path
In despair I am pitiful,
Haunted by a brooding doubt
Please assuage this agony
And wash away my misery,
Into great
This anxiety
Drills a hole within my soul
Oh oh 
How did I get here?
In the ruins of my own
Oh, I guess I'll never know

Stebbing agony
The dragon strikes down, killing the one
Burst his chest and burn his heart to ashes
At last he pays for his reign with agony
The spell breaks
fall into my hands

My life is agony - now face the enemy ...

Erase emotion, detached in memory
Communication now I bear my soul
It is too late -
Never given what you need
Scrap the simple games you play
And take them to the floor

Take back, take back your memory
Hitting hard, muscles bent in agony
I'm the lord of the dead
Servant to the darkside
The master of enslavement
The face of agony
Through my darkened empty soul
Flows boiling blood
My shadow follows me
Everywhere I go
Please take it away, 'cause I wanna go
Bring forth the agony
Of your inner thoughts
Far out in
To mute the voices that keep screaming
Words of lie and agony ?

You created, You created me

The Darkness that is haunting me
Raping my
'Til agony's found

Though the sorrow and fear they may depart you today

I will fail you
Of that I'm sure
I will remind you of the pain forevermore
will devastate
Till agony's found

Though the sorrow and fear they may depart you today

I will fail you
Of that I'm sure
I will remind
under a swollen moon

But enough now, enough
Every memory awakens an agony
But enough now, enough
Every memory awakens an agony

Over a lifetime

Life is born of agony's strain
Manifested in suffering
Most live crippled by fear,
I'd rather walk it off on bloody stumps until
You look like ass you smell like shit
So why are you such a dick.
You walk around like you're the tits
You always make me sick.
Bound for agony
that agony, agony?
Gettin' mad at me about ya boo

But she fuckin' me, suckin' Trick and lickin' you
And doin' my crew, so whatch gon' do 'bout it?
Told y'all down with dilated motherfuckers
Phil Da Agony break your crew, any problems?

Yeah, yeah, bones full of agony, skin full of melanin'
of yourself 
bring down emotions 
A will to resist 
Mental distortion 
Agony persists 
Violence to aggression 
Psychotic madness 
Mortal persuasion
in the seventh heaven
I'm alive with the agony, the ecstasy
Strive for the pleasure and the pain
I'm walking in the presence of love.

The fourth
The rose's smell corrodes me
A deep agony possesses me
To be forgotten under a burial

Rest in pain
Rest in pain
Rest in pain

You wake up lying on wet
take the blame you bastard.

(Bastard, bastard) I'm enjoying that lately, you know just the beginnings 

The agony and the ecstasy meeting
Hypnotized by the masses
And a future torn apart
Agony, the final conflict
Hatred yet ignored
Love is colder than death
And in coldness we'll
I'm waiting on the empty docks
Watching the ships come in
I'm waiting for the agony to stop
Oh, let the happiness in
I'm watching as the gulls

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