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You!...Not You
[Guy 2:] Lil Jamie How You Doing..You Alright, Woody?
[Guy 3:] I'll See You At The Club, We'll Be Getting Some After This
[Guy 4:] I'm Trying
finna remake the wicked shit
Jamie spit man

Now they let the gates up so I bail
Six shitty months, pick me up from the county jail
Smart ass mouth even
[Jamie Maddrox]
When you step into reality.
Always want to strattle me.
Player haters want to battle me.
But I shed em' all like calories.
was call and man be
I hope they lose they spot guarantee a plan be
We'll be waitin' in the telly like Jamie and Fancy

Prolly paintin' they nails in
call and man be	
I hope they lose they spot guarantee a plan be	
We'll be waiting in the telli like Jamie and Fancy
Prolly paintin' they nails in
Jamie, Rochelle and Sugar the baddest bitches I ever seen
I couldn't get enough of them bitches they was in every dream
Seen it with my own eyes know

(interpreted by jamie sobol)

The stars tell the memory the way she moves I'm brought to my knees
And I refuse, so goes the waiting, her footprints
song at a time

It's your boy GabeReal and Jamie-Grace
We be passin' out love like the offering' plates
And we be spreadin' this joy like it's jelly
"The music might sound strange and beautiful. It might feel disembodied..
boundless, spinning helplessly through space..."

[Jamie Madrox]
That's me
She asked me, "What does it mean, the Gaelic ink on your arm?"
Said, "It was one of my friend's songs, do you want to drink on?"
She took Jamie
Hits safes quickly can hear a black jamie summers
Pick the right numbers and have mad runners
Or hardcore lil' kim, queen bee bitch
Who never snitch,
the end

My friend Jamie, he'd never had a fight
He was the sweetest kinda guy
He could always make me smile

Then he caught the street life
And he
this road, only years before

We were hardened to it all
Hardened to it all
Hardened to it all
We are

Jamie moved away, grew up and got a job
swipe the black card I'm walking
Cause she wants to do something like the girls in the film do
She wants to see if the Oscar is the flute or is
nothing here to make you stay
But I remember the way that you'd light up a room when you walk in,
The way that you'd lead a crowd when you sing
To Jamie check it out why'all 
Trouble T don't forget to check it out why'all 
My mix all prince check it out why'all 
To Kelly check it out why'all
ah whine and Jamie ah laugh
We Clarks dem real, we nuh wear nuh knock off
We don't get permit from di sup'
Yuh know di dance cyan lock off

Mi seh
soakin' wet? 
Well come with it and get it, blow my socks 
While I'm drinkin' all the cool-Aid, watchin Jamie Foxx 
I'm hearin' mo' knocks 
(Oh, that's
(dance), music (music)
Sex (sex), romance (romance), (D.M.S.R.) alright

Jamie Starr's a thief
It's time to fix your clock
Vanity six is so sweet
talkin', they gone get hit too
I'm really not givin' a f***, as long as I get you
Jamie, Fresh, Joe, Bubba
Ya gotta admit ha, Juvie a muthaf***a

on killing them all

I hope to dance with the devil before he's put in the grave
But Jamie got em before I could even blow out a flame
Time that I heard it
But I wake up every morning and I'm feelin' so crappy
That Jamie just wants to slap me
You can ? that I'm ? but it was long gone, you know?
You can
Jamie, Harry, Friends
There's just a few more hours.
That's all the time you've got.
A few more hours
Before they tie the knot.

Lotus rise

[Jamie Madrox]
Coming up through the ground like a corpse
But I'm not a corpse, of course, I'm a Lotus in full bloom
Pedals made up

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