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though instantly my meat burn ah, ahhh!
Jamie it's your turn

Together we take turns with
Debbie in the dark
We're all concerned with
Debbie in
She looked back at me and said "you so craaazy"
After that she played me,
I asked her who's pussy is this? And she screamed out "Jamie
memory relapses of bodies up in the caskets
with no heads Monoxide foolin' wit tha dead!

[Jamie Madrox]
We rollin' deep on the lawn with
To help me show my appreciation the right way
Ladies, Mr. Jamie Foxx, Mr. Foxx, ladies

I love her 'cause she got her own
She don't need mine,
hot grits and toast in the mornin'
I hope you turn into a ghost in the mornin'

I pop you up like chicken pox
Shout out to my nigga Jamie Foxx
Hey Jamie, J-T
It 'bout time to get back hot again man,
You know I'm fresh out this thing
Lets go

You know you looking at a winner
On the people who really needed I'm just stating facts
You need a watch the shit you tatt on your back
And me and Jamie we ain't a couple of hacks
caught word, Violent J's an asshole Blowin mad grass, passed outta control Me and Jamie Madrox, Shaggy and Monoxide Scare the fuckin color out your hair
And you wonder why
I stay away
With a back full of knives and a mind so twisted I can hear them say

(Jamie Madrox)
That's why were the center of
The mix
Just say fuck it, I don't care
Our middle fingers in the air
Only killas up in here, only killas up in here

[Verse 2 - Jamie Madrox:]
Fuck this!
[Verse 1 - Monoxide:]
Wanna hear about the night when Jamie Madrox died?
And I had to get him out of hell, and to my surprise
He had every serial killa
down at the ugh,
Garage we got a casement of fudge
We need as many packers as we can get
Duh, ugh, Sacks
My name is Jamie Madrox and I got
the frontin'
Let's skip the game and get on the humpin'
Who's going next?
I'm dying to see
Spin the bottle baby and give it to me
It's me Jamie Madrox
down at the ugh,
Garage we got a casement of fudge
We need as many packers as we can get
Duh, ugh, Sacks
My name is Jamie Madrox and I got
open for the cum splash.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Excuse me lady.
Did ya say ya like to fuck?
Drop my drawers to my ankles.
Give my dick a suck.
You like it
I shoot ya. 
I snap your back like I was lex luger. 
Chronic weed abuser. 

[Jamie Maddrox] 
As we capitilize and enterprise music scenes.
f. Ludacris

Yeah ladies
I know you tired of the same old thing,
Things have become so mundane
I mean your bedroom is just so cold, so
For you conivers, bust a round
Look around, lay ass down with the fo' pound
Shady spots for eighty blocks
I keep a bitch eyes closed like Jamie Foxx
Uh, Ladies and gentlemen
We have someone very special here this evening
Who's gonna perform for us, ya see
(Yeah) Jamie Foxx

Ya got money
Ya got
ga3 l'fric f wra9 animaux
Brit ne3ref 9ist sod mansa9sich Jamie Foxx
Khass nemchiw l Derb Sultan n9diw Haribo
Na3ssin m3a mok 3la tari9t l'klab f
Serious, freestyles are go, serious
Raw, off the dome, serious
No fucking edit for the radio, serious
Nigga say something 'bout Jamie
Then you're fucking
yeah blinding (they what?)
Huh, ooh, huh, what, huh, yeah, y'know what I'm sayin'? (Nah, for real)
Nah (what you got to say?)
Yo, yo, yo Jamie, fuck
get high with my nigga

They want to be me, but they ain't got the balls
Actin' like they don't see me, Jamie Foxx playin' Ray Charles
Actin' like
birthday, at least that's what I'm dressed like

Skrrt skrrt, it's goin' down right now
Skrrt skrrt, Jamie Foxx in your town like
Skrrt skrrt, money

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