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Author: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
Composer: Rodney Ronquillo /
and help your mother
Jay and Jonah, you too
Ezachiah, go and get your brother
Then fetch Jamie and Sue

Mother, mother, everybody's happy
Got a reason
got shit to say" 
"Bow wow wow yippe yo yippe yay" 
"Givva dog a bone, Givva a dog a Bone" 
[Repeat x 2]

[Jamie Maddrox:]
What's the whole
Jamie is a thrill
$100,000 bill, y'all, all laws get the deal
What a odd duck
I don't bow to Zod or no man, what
Roll me like you POTUS in an ocean
All I know is christ would've sued

As sharon said to jamie
As they sat down for a chat
"if you think I'm cooking dinner
Well, prepare to eat dead rat"
swear to god it's no coincidence that as
I sing this song today it's been one year since
And I miss you

Ryan, Dan, Sam, Jamie, Mama, Dad, Andrew,
and help your mother
Jay and Jonah, you too
Ezachiah, go and get your brother
Then fetch Jamie and Sue

Mother, mother, everybody's happy
Got a reason
Piano: Kevin Savigar 

Guitars: Michael Landau and Jamie Walters 

Guitar solo: Michael Landau 

[B3]: Mike Finnigan 

Background Vocal: Zachary
Do I get lonely at all?
No, cause Jamie and Johnny and Jack keep me warm
This wasn't my fault
I don't cry, God no, I don't cry
Could you just
a thirst like a curse in control
Till I'm carvin up body parts and the heart from where it go

[Jamie Madrox:]
One drop will consume you
Two forever doom you
When Jamie died
And I didn't even understand
The eternity of my sadness
I wished I could have prevented it

When I rest in bed
Dream about how
[Jamie Madrox]
They told me, to let go and dream of torture
And horrible things of that kind
They told me, you're only good as a thought you keep
star is crossed

Little Jamie writes V. Thirteen
Comes in by the door, goes out by screen
He don't listen to me, he knows everything
Girls on the avenue
Jamie's on the bathroom floor she don't know why
She's shaking underneath the sink can't feel a thing
She'd love to live a life she's afraid
These dreams, filled with days of slavery
Aiyyo, aiyyo Jamie was a slave
Every baby she'd have the master would take away
She never seen one
swipe the black card I'm walking
Cause she wants to do something like the girls in the film do
She wants to see if the Oscar is the flute or is
That's what love makes one do
Love changes

You know what Mary?
Yeah Jamie
All I wanna do is just get back to the basics
I wanna get
[Jamie Madrox]
How I live
My michrophone is my outlet
To project my style and see how loud the crowd can get
No non-sense this is how you need to be
know you motherfuckers bound to underrate me.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Lookin through the window as the moon strikes the ground.
Wind blowin into the trees makin
Keep it in yo kliq and fuck the outside.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Strickly for the juggalos, bitch I thought you knew.
Cause we sealin up the mainstream
[Jamie Madrox]
They the exact opposite from you ignorant, counterfeit
Normal motherfuckers so proud of the innocence
For ever in this bitch, fuckin'
Respected blends
Hopping out the 87 Benz
No pendent
Plus I've always been defendant
Never Plaintiff
Shorty crying at arraignment
This Jamie Lee
[Jamie Madrox]
Yo Fritz, put on a motherfucking beat
That we can shake our motherfucking rolls to
Yo, fat kidz are ya with me?
Put your
You know Jamie Madrox rapped about something like this
I never really thought about how horrible it really is
Laying in a coffin in a pine black box

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