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know all these people, hold on, lets go up to the bus

Hey bitch, you gotta go

What, no, I'm here to see Jamie and Paul

You cant be standing here
Near river bend where the stream runs clear
One winter morning of a day last year
I heard a secret that I now can say
Concerning Jamie, who's past
learn to crawl
Love is never easy unless its in a movie
But I'm not Jamie Dean, I said I'm not Jamie Dean.

And we all fall down out
"Is there anybody out there?" 
"Esham and Twiztid." 
"Who thought it'd happen?" 
"That's right, bitch" 

[Chorus: Esham & (Jamie
takes me by the hand
'Let us take a walk, I'll answer all I can.'
April, 1358...Paris...I don't understand any more... my name is
Jamie...and mine
Snoop D-O Double to the G
Double to the G
Double to the G
Snoop D-O Double to the G

[Jamie Foxx]
Hey you, out there
Fat ass, good hair
[Jamie Madrox]
Behind this gate is a place
A damp dark place
Where sunlight does not shine
A place where people who are different
Can call home
Jimmy keeps a picture of Jamie in his Wallet
But everybody knows that Jamie's in the closet
Katey's in the corner got her Prozac gone
She only
Gary's doing hard time
Jamie's in the desert and Brently's bought a gun
I saw an old photograph, all that I could do was laugh
And scratch my head in
Jamie Fame Flame, that's my name. 

Next day in the paper, I read about a raper, a picture that was supposed to be me. 
So when I was walking down
the thickit
Sweet little Jamie singin' with the crickets
Dancin' on her front porch
Nothin' but her cotton dress on
Hey, I'm holdin' out for homegrown
Every single city's been burned
Every can of food has been opened
Every single stone has been turned
Found this Parka on a deadman
Jamie got
wicked stupid pride
Oh, what will happen
Oh, what will happen
Will you ever bleep out
Do you love me Jamie Stewart?
J.S., I am kidding
I'm just kidding
(Jamie Foxx) 
Climb on up on my bed 
On gone grab between your legs 
Turn you over 
Love you down 
Yea we be making freaky sounds all night 
I've seen
I drove.

(Some shouting of some sort...go jamie)
So tell me why it all revolves around you,
(I got it I got it I got it..)
And I no in
Hundred million miles away. 

It's in the name, the name
Jamie's been abandoned 
Now she's riding on a train. 
It's in the name, the name, of love.

(1st Verse- Violent J, (Shaggy2Dope), [Monoxide Child], {Jamie Maddrox})
Imagine a place that exists beyond, a place that's seldom seen
someone else to be with no, you are
Yes, Jamie, that's exactly what you're doing
You could be here with me or be there with them 
As usual, guess which
see'mon Jamie we've got, we've got to hurry baby
We've got our tickets bought
We've got to make tracks, lady

Isn't that just me?
And she never made it out her door

Yesterday morning Jamie yielded to all she hates
But if she despises it so much why did she give in
Seems like this
Author: Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
Composer: Jamie Stevens (ASCAP) 
© 2001

(verse 1) 
They can
Author: Carman Futter / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
Composer: Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
© 2001 by
Author: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
Composer: Rodney Ronquillo / Jamie
I don't know what to say to you
I feel
You're always on my mind

And now that I know what I need
I'm taking the long way round in my mind

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