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Typically Tropical  


on you at the mall each day
Now typically I kick game like East Bay
But you got a nigga freeze-framed yelling please play
For Pete's sake, homie, pull it
know you'd comment on the stars and how
They're not this clear
From where you typically are
But I still hope you know
No matter where you go
Even if
Give thanks to Almighty
For all the little things 
Sometimes we give up on the little man, typically.
We have food in our bellies 
Even when
a connection and disconnection device
It is typically places between the human and it's surroundings
Tuning the surroundings out
A Crash on Many Ladies but Refused To Cave In 
Cos This Is Typically My Arabic Personality 
And If I Say I Would Still in Want  
To Fall in Love More

They typically like to play hard to get.

The more they resist me the harder I get.

Stimulated by the thought of violation.

Think I'll find
Usually I would be out on a Friday night
Uh, out with some friends of some friends that I barely like
I, I'm typically right where I want, when I
And is that enough?
I bet you feel really potent stuff
The shadows of doubt on how things turn out are typically gray
But even the stopped clock
Hey man, let's start from the top
Because clearly you won't stop until you've hit rock
I'm typically not the type to expose my vices
Hey man, let's start from the top,
Because clearly you won't stop until you've hit rock.
I'm typically not the type to expose my vices,
But I disagree, so she use you to get to me
Four years of misery, typically, I would say "it's all good"
But it's really not, walking on these
Silently everyone watched the sky
Wondering if their waiting eyes would find some sort of light
Typically in troubled times like these
The hero's
4 years I have slowly built my
Defenses to the unbroken barrage of 26 years of confusion

the mental violence self inflicted is not typically

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