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Typically Tropical  


I lack enthusiasm
Theres a fault inside my atoms
I am typically so drained and bored

I talk with just sarcasm
Yes, i know it's a bad habit
There is
ma verse
Kila siku ma bars
We be moving the mass
Ma lads na ma lass
Everybody on us
Everybody with us
Everybody be hoping and believing in us
A girl in love with me
And typically in my company
She'll lovingly catch my eye
She'll think I'm satisfied
A promise in a ring
I feel it betray me
i hate you
Typically I would be chillin just rollin the killer
Not thinking bout shit in particular
Just roaming through my open mind
the silver spoon
Im feeling you, and I see the feelings mutual
So now Im tryna figure out just what you wanna do 
Now typically they say the man is supposed
I lack enthusiasm
Theres a fault inside my atoms
I am typically so drained and bored

I talk with just sarcasm
Yes, i know it's a bad habit
There is
Typically fit in a typical world
You know they couldn't hold a candle to you
So I'll have to say

Here's to you

I hope it's soon
I'll find
I'm not typically one to rush to judgement
But I'm having difficulty dealing with adjustment
I suppose that I'll get used to it eventually
But so
Taken by a who makes me laugh
Typically, I have to be the clown
Her smile lights up the room as she serves her friends
And when the evening ends
the common ground beyond a bad experience an answer can be found

typically a few will stop your momentum with solid focus broken why would you let them?
spy on room to room

Take me home
I walk the night in the valley
Oh oh oh
'Till everything is fine

I walked all night, and typically that's fine
I look at you
You're a mystery
Sometimes you're just hell
All the same
It's no news to me
And we all fall down so typically

-Muir-Trujillo- (3:58)
Bust out with somethin' that you never see
Trip out on a kick called reality
You react, oh so typically
You're wasting my time
Normally I start to panic
Get too close, I cut apart the strings
Typically, I break bad habits
But with you it happened naturally
Told myself
I've got this for you 
It's under my finger nails. 
I brought this for you. 
It's typically Sunday. 

I'm digging a hole.
what I was missing


When I left you alone with Chelsea

You're just a typical guy and you're typically blind
You can see I'm out of here
typically allowed

Feels like we're having a good time
It's true, a wonderfully good time

When I'm with you (woah-oh-oh-oh, woah-oh-oh-oh)
When I'm
love to love)
I love to love, love, love, love

I'm an open book
Typically I feel misunderstood
No one could know me the way you could
No, I don't
I can't even lie, normally a few more clouds in my sky
I'm hoping to get some rain 
Typically turning lemons into lemonade, looking for a sweeter
Hello my name is on my shirt...pocket,
I'd rather not speak right now,
I'm remembering... something.

Most typically my dreams are dreadfully
to learn to forget by remembering a little more
So typically destructive
And yes your judgment is unqualified
I really wish that I could believe you but
feel the magic
Far from the typically tragic
That's the beauty of a charmed life

Who needs to know
When it all comes and when it all goes
on you at the mall each day
Now typically I kick game like East Bay
But you got a nigga freeze-framed yelling please play
For Pete's sake, homie, pull it
Give thanks to Almighty
For all the little things 
Sometimes we give up on the little man, typically.
We have food in our bellies 
Even when

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