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Typically Tropical  


of bitches that's so into me
A couple you might've fucked before, mentally
I don't snitch, furthermore I tour typically
It's death before dishonor before
of Saigon
I really wasn't sure what was going on

Nininini Nineteen, 19, Ni-nineteen 19

In Vietnam the combat soldier typically served
wondered if it
could be like before  And I think you just made me sure!  But then that's
typically you  And I might have been a bit rude  But I wrote it in
typically we, wasn't ready for the fantasy freak
Don't sleep, privately I peep with devices
Energizers keep me vibratin in a crisis
Representin' my
We are we are romanced in fascination
Sinfully sated in every incarnation
Typically farcical in every situation
But look what you can do with
Ooh, its alright, innit? 
That a face? 
Smart. It's your backside. 
Oh, they're just typically normal. 
No! This is not manly! 
Well, it is unusual.
big our edifice is! 

That's exactly what they attacked when a typically dark skinned Disney villain 
Used civilians against civilians and charged
wondered if it could be like before
And I think you just made me sure!

But then that's typically you
And I might have been a bit rude
But I wrote it in
man created existential angst
When he ran out of other problems
Cause the thing about those problems was
Typically, more money would solve them
to shout and
Tried to chew him right out, balled up his fist and
So typically socked out
Look out you'd better stop. Here comes the Flying Doctor
With difficulty comes learnin'
Where typically those less exposed to those burdens
Can flourish without knowin' themselves
Without growin'
and started listening to her peers

Oh dear, now, Maria was your typically obnoxious analytical
Head strong rebel flipping off the principles single mother
buckle down and there is no escaping
Now it typically became an everyday thing
Regularly, physically communicating sexually, scientifically penetrating
Typically not the girl out your league
I know that I'm not just like them other girls
But I can lead you to something that they can't see
Something stable
And my resolve to not get violent

But though my skin is thickened
Certain spots can still be gotten
It is typically human of me
Thinking I am
the average nigga don't fuck with me
Fool a nigga in size, ain't much none of ya'll niggas can do with me
Typically speakin', I'm not what your seekin'
Or tax on cats 'cause no jacks is bein' fakin'
They typically pissin' me off like urination
Deflation and toleration is in consideration
But me in
active cell phones on the planet than people
The mobile phone is both a connection and disconnection device
It is typically placed between the human
Moments frozen in time
Are typically the saddest
It’s kinda crazy
That even going home was a battle
What I thought was normal
People told me they never
DNA mapping
Patterns are beyond your ability to match them
Catch them in a orderly fashion
Typically I'm telling cause I'm not the one asking
Pardon me
Everyday possible positive living
Happily happily happily typically
I only want to dey appreciate eyeah
Flex the life on a fine rate eyeah
No think say I dey
kin to da mo
Eni eleni gbe'ru e o
You don't need to show your color

Piece of music
Some old played in the open air
Typically by man at night
The kind to fall in one night
But they don't understand love, no
They don't understand us
And the special bond we share

You can take my heart into
Black is a mysterious color that is typically 
Associated with the unknown
The color black represents strength
It represents power, it represents

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