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and time to think before I speak, for when I'm short of breath, I tend to lie.
Damn you for letting me sleep till noon
And get away with it.
I'll work for
Le siècle nous tend les bras
Allons enfants
Brave petits serfs
Comme au temps des rois

On accule les peuples à la diète
Pour tâcher
n'existe que pour nous deux 
La pluie 
Qui bat dehors n'aime pas les adieux 

De la nuit qui nous parle tout bas 
La nuit qui nous tend les bras 
You drink your whiskey, I'll drink my wine
You tend to your business and I'll tend to mine

I don't want no woman, telling me how to live my life
Flapping neck, he starts to hiss
Outgoing and oversold
It's time to realize we shift in appetite

Matures males tend to be at the top of the pecking
moi (tends-moi la main) 

Monte avec moi je t'emmène là où les autres ne vont pas 
Ferme les yeux, ouvre ton cœur le reste on verra 
Ne pense plus
of your favorite rave
I think you better tend to your cherry crave
Ain't nothin' stupid what we're talking about
Take a little twist and then you pour it
the girls who tend the vineyards
In the provinces of France
Are the gayest girls for courting
And they love to sing and dance

And they're happy in their
Knights in shining karma 
Tend your flame 
And with love for armor 
They'll remain 

Ever by your bed 
Guarding, still sleeping 
Shield your
Et tu sais quoi je vais même pas pleurer

Mais j'attends plus rien, je tends mes mains
Mais rien ne vient, rien de rien
Mais j'attends plus
I often wonder
Is it so
All I am holding
Wants let go
How could I manage
I don't know

I often question
Is it so
Life's contradictions
a door not a door? ? ? 
And I say: that's not right!
Answer when it's a jar

The numbers soft as soap
And tend to bend in addition
They're much too
Dog day sunrise
Every day of my life
I'm working on a scheme
Working overtime underground
Girls work under floors
The failures tend the moors
not back by fall
Seek me when this small sunflower
Stands above the garden wall

Fare you well and I would not weep
Bid you tend your prayers
And tend it like a little red ro-ro-rose

You could spread the seeds of peace
To the north, to the east
To the south, to the west
To all the polesies
I loved you then I love you now
I loved you then I love you now
I had to take a chance
'Cause special moments only tend
To happen now and then
I'll never tend the farm
Never tend the farm when I wanna keep my arm

About you, about you
'Cause I love you a bushel and a peck
You bet your purdy
you've been so many years, 
And things that tend to change you, tend to hurt you, yes they hurt you, 
Very deeply. 

And still you try to hold
You drink your whiskey, I'll drink my wine
You tend to your business and I'll tend to mine

I don't want no woman, telling me how to live my life
end up like you
Not end up like you
Let's turn our wretched debates into action
By diplomacy gain, back a handshake
Tied and unable to tend
You left her when she needs the most
You're making her the whipping post
Tend to yourself, you are afraid
Frightened you won't make the grade
you below now
As once above

A mirror for simple souls 
That tend to stray away from the day 
This maggot ridden horror 
To sing you of summer's
Don't count the cost,
If i can't live in love then surely i've lost.
You tend to get burned, tend to get bruised,
But it's my life whatever i choose.
above it all
Did you know what to expect of me
I'll carve my own headstone

You could spare me temporarily
I won't be around at all
Though opinions tend

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