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Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (born September 23, 1949), nicknamed "The Boss", is an American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who records and tours with the E Street Band. Springsteen is widely known for his brand of heartland rock, poetic lyrics, Americana sentiments centered on his native New Jersey and his lengthy and energetic stage performances, with concerts from the 1970s to the present decade running up to an uninterrupted 250 minutes in length.

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The Ultra Rare Trax [2019]

Come Together4:26

The Album Collection: 1987-1996, Vol. 2 [2018]

Tougher Than the Rest [Album Version] [Version] 
All That Heaven Will Allow [Album Version] [Version] 
Spare Parts [Album Version] [Version] 
Cautious Man [Album Version] [Version] 
Walk Like a Man [Album Version] [Version] 
Tunnel of Love 
Two Faces [Album Version] [Version] 
Brilliant Disguise [Album Version] [Version] 
One Step Up [Album Version] [Version] 
When You're Alone [Album Version] [Version] 
Valentine's Day [Album Version] [Version] 
Human Touch [Album Version] [Version] 
Soul Driver [Album Version] [Version] 
57 Channels (And Nothin' On) [Album Version] [Version] 
Cross My Heart [Album Version] [Version] 
With Every Wish [Album Version] [Version] 
Roll of the Dice 
Real World [Album Version] [Version] 
All or Nothin' at All [Album Version] [Version] 
Man's Job 
I Wish I Were Blind [Album Version] [Version] 
The Long Goodbye [Album Version] [Version] 
Real Man [Album Version] [Version] 
Pony Boy [Album Version] [Version] 
Better Days [Album Version] [Version] 
Lucky Town [Album Version] [Version] 
Local Hero [Album Version] [Version] 
If I Should Fall Behind [Album Version] [Version] 
Leap of Faith [Album Version] [Version] 
The Big Muddy [Album Version] [Version] 
Living Proof 
Book of Dreams [Album Version] [Version] 
Souls of the Departed [Album Version] [Version] 
My Beautiful Reward [Album Version] [Version] 
The Ghost of Tom Joad [Album Version] [Version] 
Straight Time [Album Version] [Version] 
Highway 29 [Album Version] [Version] 
Youngstown [Album Version] [Version] 
Sinaloa Cowboys [Album Version] [Version] 
The Line [Album Version] [Version] 
Balboa Park [Album Version] [Version] 
Dry Lightning [Album Version] [Version] 
The New Timer [Album Version] [Version] 
Across the Border [Album Version] [Version] 
Galveston Bay [Album Version] [Version] 
My Best Was Never Good Enough [Album Version] [Version] 
High Hopes 
Without You 

Under the Covers [2018]

Come Together4:18

What Love Can Do [2018]

What Love Can Do2:57

Under the Covers [2016]

Hungry Heart4:07

Las Tardes en Ibiza 2015 [2015]


Donna: The CD Collection [2014]


The Album Collection:1973-1984, Vol. 1 [2014]

Blinded by the Light5:04
Growin' Up3:04
Mary Queen of Arkansas5:21
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?2:04
Lost in the Flood5:17
The Angel3:24
For You4:39
Spirit in the Night5:00
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City3:16
The E Street Shuffle4:29
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)5:36
Kitty's Back7:08
Wild Billy's Circus Story4:47
Incident on 57th Street7:44
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)7:03
New York City Serenade9:58
Thunder Road4:50
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out3:11
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out 
Born to Run4:29
She's the One4:30
Meeting Across the River3:18
Adam Raised a Cain4:34
Something in the Night5:13
Candy's Room2:48
Racing in the Street6:56
The Promised Land4:29
Streets of Fire4:04
Prove It All Night4:00
Darkness on the Edge of Town4:32
The Ties That Bind3:34
Sherry Darling4:03
Jackson Cage3:03
Two Hearts2:46
Independence Day4:50
Hungry Heart3:19
Out in the Street4:17
Crush on You3:11
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)2:37
I Wanna Marry You3:30
The River5:01
Point Blank6:06
Cadillac Ranch3:03
I'm a Rocker3:37
Fade Away4:46
Stolen Car3:54
The Price You Pay5:29
Drive All Night8:33
Wreck on the Highway3:54
Atlantic City4:00
Mansion on the Hill4:09
Highway Patrolman5:40
State Trooper3:17
Used Cars3:10
Open All Night2:58
My Father's House5:07
Reason to Believe4:10
Born in the U.S.A.4:40
Cover Me3:28
Darlington County4:50
Working on the Highway3:15
Downbound Train3:37
I'm on Fire2:39
No Surrender4:02
Bobby Jean3:48
I'm Goin' Down3:31
Glory Days4:18
Dancing in the Dark4:05
My Hometown4:39

Rocky Ground [2012]

Rocky Ground4:40
The Promise5:59

An Cat Dubh Light [2011]

The River5:15

Songs for Japan [2011]

Human Touch5:07
Awake [Live]5:36

The Second Three Years [2011]

Thunder Road4:29

The Collection 1973-84 [2010]

Blinded by the Light5:04
Growin' Up3:05
Mary Queen of Arkansas5:21
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?2:05
Lost in the Flood5:18
The Angel3:24
For You4:39
Spirit in the Night5:00
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City3:11
The E Street Shuffle4:30
4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)5:36
Kitty's Back7:09
Wild Billy's Circus Story4:47
Incident on 57th Street7:44
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)7:04
New York City Serenade9:55
Thunder Road4:50
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out3:11
Born to Run4:30
She's the One4:30
Meeting Across the River3:19
Adam Raised a Cain4:34
Something in the Night5:14
Candy's Room2:48
Racing in the Street6:54
The Promised Land4:28
Streets of Fire4:03
Prove It All Night4:01
Darkness on the Edge of Town4:28
The Ties That Bind3:34
Sherry Darling4:03
Jackson Cage3:04
Two Hearts2:46
Independence Day4:50
Hungry Heart3:19
Out in the Street4:17
Crush on You3:10
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)2:37
I Wanna Marry You3:30
The River5:01
Point Blank6:06
Cadillac Ranch3:03
I'm a Rocker3:36
Fade Away4:46
Stolen Car3:54
The Price You Pay5:29
Drive All Night8:33
Wreck on the Highway3:53
Atlantic City3:59
Mansion on the Hill4:08
Johnny 993:42
Highway Patrolman5:40
State Trooper3:16
Used Cars3:10
Open All Night2:57
My Father's House5:07
Reason to Believe4:07
Born in the U.S.A.4:38
Cover Me3:29
Darlington County4:49
Working on the Highway3:15
Downbound Train3:37
I'm on Fire2:41
No Surrender4:02
Bobby Jean3:48
I'm Goin' Down3:30
Glory Days4:19
Dancing in the Dark4:04
My Hometown4:34

The List [2009]

Sea of Heartbreak3:06

Give US Your Poor [2007]

Hobo's Lullaby5:12

Grammy Nominees 2006 [2006]

Devils & Dust4:51

Last Man Standing [2006]

Pink Cadillac3:55

Lucky You [2006]

Lucky Town3:27
The Fever7:36

Nashville [2006]

Ain't Got You4:09

The Platinum Collection [2006]

Growin' Up3:08

Hit Mix 2006 [2005]

Blinded by the Light3:30

On Stage [2005]

Sea of Heartbreak4:41

Wide Open [2005]

Pink Cadillac4:22

Swingin' It [2004]

Jersey Girl3:27

Songwriter! [2002]

Streets of Philadelphia3:17

Legacy [2001]

Sad Eyes3:47

Millennium of Pop [2000]

Hungry Heart3:16

Sad Eyes [2000]

Sad Eyes 

The 50 Greatest Hits [2000]

Viva Las Vegas2:23

Kuschelrock, Vol. 3 [1999]

I'm on Fire2:36

Kuschelrock, Vol. 8 [1999]

Human Touch4:15

Limbo [1999]

Lift Me Up5:17

The Sopranos [1999]

State Trooper3:11

Diamond Cuts [1998]

Glory Days4:13

Kuschelrock, Vol. 12 [1998]

The River4:07

Most Wanted Love [1998]

The River4:07

Tracks [1998]

Mary Queen of Arkansas4:27
Mary Queen of Arkansas [Demo Version]4:28
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City2:52
It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City [Demo Version]2:55
Growin' Up2:38
Growin' Up [Demo Version]2:40
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street 
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?1:58
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street? [Demo Version]2:03
Bishop Danced 
Bishop Danced [Live]4:21
Santa Ana4:37
Seaside Bar Song3:34
Zero and Blind Terry5:57
Linda Let Me Be the One4:27
Give the Girl a Kiss3:55
Bring on the Night2:40
So Young and So in Love3:49
Hearts of Stone4:31
Don't Look Back3:00
Restless Nights3:47
A Good Man Is Hard to Find3:17
Doll House3:34
Where the Bands Are3:45
Loose Ends4:03
Living on the Edge of the World4:19
Wages of Sin4:54
Take 'em as They Come4:30
Be True3:41
Ricky Wants a Man of Her Own2:47
I Wanna Be With You3:23
Mary Lou3:23
Stolen Car4:31
Born in the USA 
Born in the U.S.A.3:10
Born in the U.S.A. [Demo Version]3:11
Johnny Bye Bye1:52
Johnny Bye-Bye1:49
Shut Out the Light3:51
My Love Will Not Let You Down4:26
This Hard Land4:50
TV Movie2:46
Stand on It3:07
Lion's Den2:19
Car Wash2:08
Rockaway the Days4:43
Brothers Under the Bridge ['83]5:08
Man at the Top3:24
Pink Cadillac3:36
Two For the Road2:00
Janey, Don't You Lose Heart3:27
When You Need Me2:57
The Wish5:18
The Honeymooners3:31
Lucky Man 
Leavin' Train4:07
Seven Angels3:28
Gave it a Name2:51
Sad Eyes3:50
My Lover Man3:59
Over the Rise2:40
When the Lights Go Out3:07
Loose Change4:22
Trouble in Paradise4:43
Part Man Part Monkey 
Part Man, Part Monkey4:31
Goin' Cali3:03
Back in Your Arms4:42
Brothers Under the Bridge4:55
The Fever7:35
The Promise4:48

Kuschelrock, Vol. 11 [1997]

My Hometown4:09

Jerry Maguire [1996]

Secret Garden4:27

Kuschelrock, Vol. 10 [1996]

Secret Garden4:25

Peter's Friends [1993]

Hungry Heart3:18

Silver Lining [1991]


One Step Up [1987]

One Step Up 

Music for the Miracle [1986]

Cover Me 

Ruthless People [1985]

Stand on It 

Lost Boys [1984]


No Nukes [Video] [1980]

The River 

I've Got Time [1976]

Blinded by the Light4:42

Rock with Alvin [1975]

Growin' Up3:10

My Girl Josephine [1967]

Ain't Got No Home2:10

Unknown Album

Murder Incorporated3:57
Be True 
Because the Night4:20
Born To Run 
Bring on the Night2:40
Ricky Wants a Man Of Her Own 
Mary Lou 
TV Movie2:46
Man at the Top3:24
Loose Change4:22
Hitch Hikin'3:38
I Wanna Be With You 
Merry Christmas Baby 
Dancing In The Dark 
Hello Sunshine3:54
There Goes My Miracle4:03
Leap of Faith3:27
Viva Las Vegas4:35
Right Place Wrong Time2:54
Reason to Believe4:41
Mansion on the Hill4:08
Buffalo Gals [Bonus Track]3:12
Bring 'Em Home [Bonus Track]3:35
Remember When the Music 
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live [Bruce Springsteen Version]3:20
Awake [Live]5:36
Letter To You4:55
Janey Needs a Shooter6:49
The Power of Prayer3:36
I'll See You in My Dreams3:29
One Minute You're Here2:58
Burnin' Train4:03
House of a Thousand Guitars4:29
Last Man Standing4:04
Song for Orphans6:13
Wild Billy's Circus Story4:47
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town 
O Mary Don't You Weep6:05
She's the One5:23
Held Up Without a Gun [Live]1:21
When the Saints Go Marching In [Live]5:12
Ain't Got No Home3:48
Working on a Dream 
Good Rockin' Tonight2:42
How Can I Keep From Singing 
Light of Day8:17
Chimes of Freedom [Live]5:56
John Henry5:07
Old Dan Tucker2:31
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live [Bruce Springsteen ...; Bonus Track]3:22
My Father's House5:07
Code of Silence [Live]4:33
Hymn To Him 
Gloria's Eyes3:46
Ain't Got You2:11
chinatown [Album Version]4:04
Highway to Hell3:31
Wasted Days4:31
Angel In The Alleyways4:20
The Wayfarer [Songs From the Film]4:44
You Never Can Tell [Live] 
Jersey Girls 
Chinatown [Live At Electric Lady]3:49
Just Like Fire Would3:52
Moonlight Motel [Songs From the Film]4:01
Chasin' Wild Horses [Songs From the Film]5:46
Drive Fast (The Stuntman) [Songs From the Film]4:41
Dream Baby Dream5:02
Sleepy Joe's Café [Songs From the Film]3:41
High Hopes4:56
There Goes My Miracle [Songs From the Film]4:00
Somewhere North of Nashville [Songs From the Film]1:59
Fortunate Son 
Hello Sunshine [Songs From the Film]4:22
Buffalo Gals 
Stones [Songs From the Film]5:35
Sundown [Songs From the Film]3:12
Land Of Hope And Dreams6:58
Code Of Silence 
Hey Blue Eyes4:33
Mary Mary2:48
Blinded by the Light 
Baby I [Previously Unreleased] 
Human Touch6:28
Hunter of Invisible Game4:39
Harry's Place4:03
This Is Your Sword2:49
American Beauty4:06
Henry Boy 
The Wall4:14
Hurry Up Sundown3:17
Meet Me In The City 
For You 
Lost in the Flood 
Highway Patrolman5:40
Hitch Hikin' [Songs From the Film]3:44
Heaven's Wall3:48
Down In The Hole4:56
Did You Say Such a Thing3:39
Something in the Night 
Darlington County4:48
Brilliant Disguise4:15
The E Street Shuffle4:31
Kitty's Back7:09
Streets Of Philadelphia3:15
Born in the U.S.A.4:39
The Ghost of Tom Joad4:23
Secret Garden4:27
Pink Cadillac3:33
Jersey Girl 
This Hard Land4:52
All the Way Home4:14
Achy Breaky Heart2:02
Incident On 57th Street7:45
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)7:04
New York City Serenade9:56
Jersey Girl [Live 9/7/81] 
Johnny Bye Bye 
Glory Days3:48
Atlantic City3:56
State Trooper3:11
The Rising4:50
Growin' Up 
None But the Brave5:35
Streets Of Fire 
If I Was the Priest6:48
Hungry Heart3:19
The Ties That Bind 
Oh, Mary, Don't You Weep 
He's Guilty (The Judge Song) [Previously Unreleased] 
I'll Stand by You4:35
A Life Full of Rain5:38
Erie Canal Traditional 
Galveston Bay5:31
Promised Land 
Amigo Bronco3:47
Working on the Highway3:12
Johnny 993:42
Open All Night2:58
Cover Me3:26
Bobby Jean3:48
Downbound Train3:37
Long Time Comin' 
Used Cars 
Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)2:27
Don't Play That Song3:34
Soul Days3:58
Hey, Western Union Man3:53
Someday We'll Be Together3:34
Turn Back the Hands of Time3:06
Only the Strong Survive2:59
American Skin (41 Shots)7:22
I Wish It Would Rain3:25
When She Was My Girl3:17
What Becomes of the Brokenhearted3:32
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore3:43
Jessie James 
7 Rooms Of Gloom2:40
Terrys Song 
Santa Ana4:37
Hearts of Stone 
Detroit Medley 
American Skin [41 Shots] 
This Little Light Of Mine 
Ballad Of The Self-Loading Pistol 
Little Queenie 
Twist And Shout 
Come On [Let’s Go Tonight] 
London Calling 
Freedom Cadence [Thank You for Your Service] 
Rosalita [Come Out Tonight] 
Sexy and I know it 
Lonely NIght in the Park 
Do I Love You [Indeed I Do] 
Further On [Up the Road] 
Bad Moon Rising 
Can't Stand Losing You 
Shake, Rattle and Roll 
57 Channels [And Nothin’ On] 
Born To Run At 40 
Arabian Nights 
Lady And The Doctor 
Neil Young Sings Whip My Hair" 
Action in the Streets6:44
Sun City [Version II] 
The Word 
All I Need 
And the Band Played7:06
Pilgrim In The Temple Of Love 
The Man Who Got Away 
I'm A Coward 
Fade to Black 
Get Up Stand Up 
Chain Lightning 
Mr. Outside 
Quarter to Three 
57 Channels (And Nothin' On)4:02
Swallowed Up [In the Belly of the Whale] 
Back in the USA 
Love Of The Common People 
Frankie Fell In Love2:45
Drive Fast [The Stuntman] 
Stray Bullet 
Better Things 
I Fought The Law 
Randolph Street 
Wings For Wheels 
You Can Look [But You Better Not Touch] 
A Love So Fine 
30 Days Out 
I saw her standing there 
My Hometown4:33
Little White Lies 
Don't Back Down 
I Want You 
Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips1:43
The Way 
In Michigan 
Sociedade Alternativa 
Follow That Dream 
Rock N Roll Heart3:47
Someday [We’ll Be Together] 
The Promised Land 
Let's Be Friends [Skin to Skin] 
War Nurse 
Night Fire 
Winter Song 
The Time That Never Was 
Hollywood Kids 
I Forgot To Be Your Lover2:29
Around And Around 
Border Guard 
Matamoras Banks 
Linda Paloma 
Losin' Kind 
Blowin' In The Wind 
Addicted to Romance3:05
Promise: The Making Of Darkness On The Edge Of Town 
Evacuation Of The West 
Sell It And They Will Come 
Jazz Musician 
Look Toward The Land 
Spanish Harlem 
Vibes Man 
Can't Help Falling In Love 
Heart Full Of Soul 
So Young and in Love 
Drift Away 
Street Queen 
Cowboys Of The Sea 
Many Rivers To Cross 
Family Song 
Across The Borderline 
Good Lovin' 
Great Balls Of Fire 
History Books3:53
Hard Times [Come Again No More] 
Turn! Turn! Turn! 
All Along the Watchtower 

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