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might not be right for us 
But when you're in love 
You tend to look over the obvious 
You're not changing and I know that you love me but 
This thing
Of letting love get in the way
They tend to lose their overviews and overplay

There is something I wanna say, to say 
Something I got to do
J'ai trouvé l'amour pour y croire

Petite fille,
Tu me cries ton amour, aujourd'hui
Tu me cries trop tard au secours!

Tu tends les mains vers moi
I can't imagine life
Without you by my side
This is love babe that I'm feeling
And I'm hoping that you're feeling the same way
Things tend to slip my
Don't be making me cry, turn around and apologize
Stop pretending to be something you're not

Cause you got mad issues
And you tend
The body what is known
The the water reveals the human effort
It tends to exceed its own demand
By taking the world by the hand

Stormlit, Aqua
Blue sky the waters clear
Our love's garden to tend and to rule
No fear mischief in the shadows waits
We have each other and time to kill
You don't wanna know
Just what I know
And you don't wanna go
To where I tend to go
I know my way around
The oldest kid in town
Just watch me as I
A compelling or constraining influence,
Such as a moral force on the mind or world, PRESSURE.
To be undecided or skeptical,
To tend
Early woken
By voices in the wire
Body broken
The pieces in the fire
And you tend the embers still

Over and over
The thread never unwinds
carry the blame?
Who's gonna take up the campaign
When these injured streets are bleeding?
Politicians in command are washing their hands
Got to tend
Or something much more colourful like that

It's not that easy being green
It seems to blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass
'Fore it's even begun
Strain the limit of compassion
Tend a wound that never mends
And honesty's still out of fashion
As a century ends
or the day's fading light
But I know that if I could just see you tonight forever at times we may fall,
Like we all tend to do but I'll reach out and find that
Need ya to beg my pardon, to tend my garden 
Flowers, she's sittin' for poses 
She wants me to sing my song 
Hours, she's like a stoned Moses 
to live without regrets
I'm always moving forward and not looking back
But I tend to leave a trail of dead, while I'm moving ahead
So I'm stepping away
Water the plants well and tend to the waste bins quick
Pick up the cleaning and hide all the kerosene well
And don't flinch when you make sure your
importe je tends l'autre joue

J'suis peut-être qu'une poire, je ne suis qu'une cloche
Mais je t'aime, c'est ça qu'au fond j'te reproche
Le reste, les
You will never find love

As the days begin to pass us
And the nights, well they tend to flow
And you're with some other lover
Will you tell him
the glaciers climb so tall
One absent of the scars passing boats and ships and oars 
Tend to leave with all the sounds of the ocean" 

I am but a man 
you're cursed to prove.

And as the perfect wings'll glide,
Cleansed are men of all the mice.
Past the pain, we tend to stride,
Or that's how it seems
It's all a mystery to me

All my wishes evaporated,
Insecurities saturated.
So many flaws reappeared.
The wrong way I tend to steer.
one eye,
And watched Selene move beyond my horizon.
Secrets tend to tell themselves, I find.
I find I will not miss
Clandestine heartaches buried
the words
That slowly take you
All the words
That slowly ache you
More words for me now
More words over now

And when we tend to 
Decide not to comply

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