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you're cursed to prove.

And as the perfect wings'll glide,
Cleansed are men of all the mice.
Past the pain, we tend to stride,
Or that's how it seems
cross the line 
That hands tend to take away inaudible cars the buzz of lights 
Seeks underneath my lower lip my speech 
Is all blur as long
burden. No I can't take back each and every defense and no I don't think I will ever understand Now life is playing me like a game of craps and it tends
to tend to other worlds
So He asked the trees to watch over the earth
All trees promised they would watch over the land

The trees waited and waited
the world.
We create together breaking boundaries
And borders set for us by society.

We tend to bring elements that maybe were
Built 2000 miles apart,
Said so near the punk is dead
Here was you a modern tend.(of tendention)
Don't let it losing don't any worse
And all cruise up tha the punk is
A woman's born to weep and fret
To stay at home and
Tend her over
And drown the past regrets
In coffee and cigarettes!
I'm moanin' all the mornin'
You better tend your garden for your family.
Remember raven,
Remember raven.
Judas never got the key to heaven, you know.

Raven, raven, remember raven,
These girls let me tend
They even make love with my best friend Ken
I'm like a bait in the lion's den
not even Daniel just a screw like them Laden

And you can haul it off to some town somewhere
If I don't see it honey I don't care
Pardon me if I tend to stare
but I'm still in love with

Night and day she tends to her bar. 
She pours the drinks, they pour out their hearts. 
All that sorrow and alcohol weighs hard on her
to forget

Often a heart tends to change its mind
A new day decides on a new design
A new day gets set on another way
As long as I live, all I've got
these b****es and n****s still hatin'
I used to be ballin' but now I'm Bill Gates
Got a list full of problems, I tend to em later
Yeah life is a b****
Conflicting rythmns in my head.
Those damn nerves won't give up they're playing hell with me now.
I tend to be distracted by the simplest of things
So fly me up
in the name of the lord
We got a hole to mend
We got a fire to tend
We won't let these troubles grind us
We got friends and prayers to mind us
door steps
And he laid me in his garden
All the years I've watched him tend
And then he took me, Mamma
So I could never tell you about it

lose when the reaper comes. 
Tend to your crop then tend to your own 
Well my field was a desert when the seeds were sown. 

All I grew is disillusioned
Perry boy, let's go

I love you a bushel and a peck
A bushel and a peck and it beats be all to heck
Beats me all to heck how I'll ever tend the farm
étoile livide à deux doigts de tomber
Elle tire sur un mégot cent fois rallumé
Quand je lui tend la main à travers la fumée

Elle était si belle la
étoile livide à deux doigts de tomber
Elle tire sur un mégot cent fois rallumé
Quand je lui tend la main à travers la fumée

Elle était si belle la poupée,

Je te tends la main
Pour pouvoir caresser l'ange
Mais il est trop loin
La mort se venge

Une douce bise s'avance
M'apportant calme et insouciance
you let me love you I will love to death

My chase is endless I tend to obsess.
No game is up to my need to possess.
But if you let me hold you I
Comme un arbre mort, il tend ses branches 
Mais le froid est là, la neige est blanche 
Mais le froid est là, la neige est blanche 
La neige est
Un soleil qui allume le ciel 

On repousse le vent 
Des rêves plein les dents 
(Tends moi la main) 
Hier est déjà loin 
Je ne crois qu'en

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