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in the struggle for survival
Love is never blind

Now Olivia lies under anesthesia
Her wit and wonder snuffed
In a routine operation
Her own
so I can understand
These are the struggles of a working man
I work outside in the pouring rain
When it's cold as ice when I'm full of pain
It don't
a drink so I can understand
These are the struggles of a working man

I work outside in the pouring rain
When it's cold as ice when I'm full of pain
Can't escape all your worries
Endless sorrow, pain, and suffer
Can't escape your emotions
Enslavement by the world you choose

The struggle
And soulless tomorrow
We struggle for tthe joy
Oh, we struggle for tthe joy
That life is haunted by
Its memories - its meaninglessness
Yearn to be gathered,
The gods of war
Seeking madness
To massacre mankind
We all die
We are saying
Declare war
But no one won
An endless struggle for power
A lonely
life is a struggle 
Why, I can't seem to escape all the games that you play
All I know is that life is a struggle 

Sorry, I'm angry, I've fallen
Well you're lookin' at a man that's gettin' kinda mad
I had lot's of luck but it's all been bad
No matter how I struggle and strive
I'll never get
Won't fall without a struggle
And I accept your invitation
Follow when you call

It's clear to me
That I must join the battle, here at hand
moving targets 
I don't know how I survive
We go out like birthday candles
Then like suns we rise, we rise...

o struggle is right 
What's black is white
The seal of prophesy
Messengers have come and gone
The struggle goes on
Synagogue temple mask church
Each and evey place we search
The seal of prophesy
I know how much you've tried
I know the struggles you're going through
The father sends to you
Up above


I was only half alive
the ground
The longer it keeps raining the more she has to struggle to maintain a wonderful time
Oh yeah

Oh wanna to love it up without me
I've got smoke
wearing mask of blame
Useless effort to escape my humanity
Worthless struggle to avoid my self inflict
Regression affliction damaging myself again
unite mankind 
There is a strength in numbers, our faith lies deep 

(We!) We struggle, 
(We) we suffer, 
(So) so we must come 
Against delusions
The real mystery of my mind

Struggle with aggression
The shadows of freedom
Loaded obsession
My battle of weakness
your consequences fall on everyone else
Making everybody struggle
I'm finding it ever so clear

If I had so much to say
Why was I the one
towards us
You knew I'd struggle

'Cause we're going nowhere
'Cause we're going nowhere
'Cause we're going nowhere
We move in circles
We move in
Look out, watch out
They come for trouble
You can't understand my struggle
So much to contain
Now it's me against the grain
So call me by my
You always want to be the best
It's a struggle without an end
Running as fast as you can
But you will never reach your goal

It's the struggle
There like a feather you fell someone's heaven above me floating
So fickle tempting me teasing my ways thrown from
It's clutches I struggle to free
to say
And I don't know how to pray
Would You
Write Your love on my heart
When I struggle just to feel
And I wonder if You're real
Would You
Only left in secondary shadows with no one in control
A struggle separated from faith
Rationality no longer a factor
Left helpless
No one here
Just a man...imperfect...vulnerable
Why can't my words be seen for what they are
An expression of my ongoing struggle
I am not your culture
I am not

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