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a struggle everyday
You gotta know yourself to be yourself
You gotta do it all the way
And it's a struggle everyday

No work, all play
What a mistake
onto this life and love and for
The possibility, you and me, let me be

I need to find a way
To put this struggle behind us
Can't spend my life in shame
Overlooking the whole wide world
It's over the Pacific
I've never written when I was drunk
This could be terrific!

And the seabird struggles in the wind
He takes his chance with what he's got
It's too late now to stop

You push and you pull and struggle with the knot
It's tying you up while
my youth away


Sailing the waves to distant mountains
Strange and cloudy, I struggle to be brave
How I tremble remembering your brown
never proud of

And every time I pass a place of trouble
I recollect the violence of the struggle
The struggle
The struggle
The struggle

An angel
shed to protect our homes
Stand tall, divided we fall
The conflict takes it deadly toll

You struggle to breathe
Don't ever let go
The less we
It goes: life  difficult times  and mad crimes 
Some pay the price  while others refine 
Blessed are those who struggle    God loves you
Only through struggle have I found rest
With a piece of me taken away
I begin to understand
Hollow out this machine like chest
With its gears that
imaginations to sit, watch, cheer and applaud!

Our tombstone are stepping stones in this struggle for control
Our tombstone are stepping stones in this
Our struggle in the bedroom

Is this really the way it is
Or a contract in our mutual interest

The same again
Another disappointment
our struggle in the bedroom

Is this really the way it is or a contract in our mutual interest?

The same again, another disappointment
We couldn't
me through
All those pain and sufferin'
No one knows the struggle you bare a just only you

Mama I would never let you down
I'll never go away,
Face a trouble everyday 
Trying to walk away from a life of sorrow 
It's a struggle everyday 
Trying not to rob G's, still I borrow 

I need
The Ones Who Speak

A Nation, A Nation 
A Struggle, A Struggle 
A Weapon, A Weapon 
Our Music!
One Mantra, One Mantra 
One Prayer- One Prayer 
animosities and apologies back and forth we struggle, falter, refrain with glue and string and deciphering we try, try, try to stay together despite
Understanding the meaning of struggle
Giving your whole life to a single passion
Which others may or may not
Consider obsolete

Like a rare
on my knees till you make me struggle
Crazy I know, but you're my favorite sin

Drive all night, out of sight
Gonna strike when the time is right
No time for struggle 'cause we shining today, today
Look out the window see me flying away, away
No time for struggle 'cause we shining today,
I'll never be
I'll struggle on and on to feed this hunger
Burning deep inside of me

But through my tears breaks a blinding light
During the struggle, they will pull us down
But please, please, let's use this chance to turn things around
And tonight we can truly say
Together we're
of your presence
I'm weak savior be my strength
Down in the valley when waters rise
I'm still believing hope is alive
All through the struggle
I know how much you've tried
I know the struggles you're going through
The father sends to you
Up above


I was only half alive
in the struggle for survival
Love is never blind

Now Olivia lies under anesthesia
Her wit and wonder snuffed
In a routine operation
Her own

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