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the parallels we struggle
Struggle to upkeep, 
There is a better way for us to be set free.
From all it is we crave, 
There must be more to life than
I just want to move ahead
I just want to free myself, but it's a struggle
I just want to stay in bed
I just want to be myself, but it's a struggle
When iAnnotatet comes to basic human instincts
All wise men and fools are the same
We struggle to stick to the rules of the game
Nine times out
Even when you're going through
Struggle not for God
Has blessed you, oh

Just believe and receive
The blessings God has promised you
Don't you
weren't so wrong
You can't tell when you're weak and you're young
It's a beautiful struggle
The tracks end here but the train's gotta run
It's a constant struggle
Emptyness rolls by
Left up on the shelf
No one hears the cry

Just another decoration 
Looking for the reason
open out
With love

Caught in a struggle
Goodness I've tried
You're such a puzzle I guess
God bless and goodbye

This ain't no proposition 
has to struggle all the live long day
Man has to sweat and toil his life filled with trouble
Man got to step and fetch it on the double
Man has
a realization
I wanna' do what's right
I struggle
I want to say what's right
I struggle
Everything you do comes back to you
What have you done
the human struggle with the common threat
We struggle for a better day

children stories!

I'd rather fight and keep on fighting, than die on my knees!
endless struggle to find

You can be so bold to let your expression show
While I'm content with habitat
Or will seasons bleed migration

This is my
I struggle to 
The end of time 
The blinding light
Through bloodshot eyes
I struggle to see
The truth

Through the shame and guilt
white and blue
Everywhere you look they're fooling you.

One people, one struggle!
Stand United, stand peaceful!
One people, one struggle.

I'd be happy to walk away
Every day I lived a dream
I gave my life meaning

And every day you sing along
Is a day I know I belong
To struggle
I've dwelt long on the past and I just can't take it anymore 

I struggle in vain at last  I've managed to board 

Up the windows
No whips no brew no weed to smoke not a single luxury
If not for the bloodshed that it cost the struggle would be lost
(busta) say it again
we struggle
Oh I'll answer when you call
And we'll walk away from trouble
And live to tell it all

Safe in my arms I'll keep you
Never more
If we never meet again this side of Heaven
As we struggle through this world and its strife
There's another meeting place somewhere in Heaven
day, another struggle
I don't wanna live no more
Sometimes I hear death knocking at my front door
I'm living every day like a hustle, another drug
I found this outside you. the road to your room is half as long as my list of regrets. I count my seconds inside you and struggle to find. instead I
But at what cost?
At what cost is affirmation of their convictions? You must struggle to
You must struggle to learn
How to emphasize for
Rasta bless your little and the much whey you have
Yo, it is ah earth struggle ghetto youths uno fi trod
Life for all your efforts how could you go

I know that through all the struggle
There's a bright road
At the end of the tunnel
Now you should know
Whatever your dilemma may be
the source of your inner light

It's such a struggle though I know I have to,
I just can't bring myself to touch it
I need to feel the inner light
I want

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