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a need, it’s my nature
Seeing me, the callin' of my maker
This is raw, this is fate, this is flavor
When I spit feel it hit in your sacral
I’m grateful, I’m
not to hellish desires
Raise the babies from the devil’s lair
While exposing the divine liars
Higher… Higher!
Vibration from the sacral chakras gyrate
From the base to the tip
All this fire from my sacral chakra overly lit
We got earth wind and fire astrological bliss
I swore an oath of abstinence,
we're all just useless beings
Don't try to search for a sacral meaning
We are all just useless beings
Our masters

They call us

We feel it

Transforming has begun

We come to shore of sacral ocean

Replaced by scale our skin is molting

We creep
clown-fish, pumpkin, carrot
Butternut squash, ginger cats
And traffic cones and life vests, jumpsuits, tigers and the sacral chakra
Everything looks so, so good
from our eyes shows us the way

Driven by manic passion
For the Old World's mysteries
They learn the sacral chants
Encircled by shadows
Forsaking all
get a tan
Imma be powerful cus I know I can

Each track's a a chakra
Track 1 is the root in soil I am grounded
Track 2 is the sacral I flow from
a star
Sexual and spiritual creation through the sacral chakra
The gateway into part of the infinite love

Caught in the rain, now ya caught in the rain
introduced me to 
the Sacral Chakra: seat of passion and food. 
Feed the lust forbidden fruit.

Swaying trees in a warm summer breeze 
carrying the smell
on a crest it was swell
We stole her face and oh, how we laughed 
She made us happy

Sacral blues in various hues, she capered to draw me
Me and Yankie,
of bilateral ovarian dermoids

I'm afraid we've found something...
...Uterus, tubes, sacral pain ovaries recurrent, recurrent, recurrent...

the legend - Sacral quest Jerusalem

For such a brave and noble men king Richards death come soon
An arrow strike brought forth his doom

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