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Thou shall be denied, o holy one
By ignorant fools who plague the dying world
I hear the winds blowing
pain - Time is nonexistent here
Only the expanse of darkness enlighten the torture den

In sacral fire - Burn Lucifer's breed
Sacral fire -
'Shawdy fine as fuck
And she know this
I can't hold it
I feel it in my soul
I'm 'bout to loose control
Vibration in my sacral
Chakra lets get nasty
Is water wet?
We can find out
I let my sacral flow
I let unneeded energy pour
I feel aligned now
In a generation of no open mindedness blind doubt
I will hear your screaming soul...
How long
Will you sing your sacral never-ending song?

Many years were passing by.
Extended cry
Was lasting in my
Oh lets do it
You say that you want it done
Manifest our power
Sacral chakras
Ain't nothing being made like this
So right now we go to play like this
You ought to use your mind

Chakras start at the root, and we ain't even had breakfast
Up to the sacral sex center just below the solar plexus
eyes are peeled like atom bombs
Their spirit is the prize 

The sufi three winged flight they soar 
All sacrals join all hearts
A cavern gasps
on a crest it was swell
We stole her face and oh, how we laughed 
She made us happy

Sacral blues in various hues, she capered to draw me
Me and Yankie,
on a crest it was swell
We stole her face and oh, how we laughed 
She made us happy

Sacral blues in various hues, she capered to draw me
Me and Yankie,
closed too tight

It kinda feels like she's laughing
It kinda feels like we've been here too long
Your open throat is just thrashing
Sacral-spleen says
End of the day all I’m left with is
No foresight
Blocked third eye
Gimme a second
To go from the first to the seventh
Root, sacral, solar plexus
That’s why it’s so within so within as above as beneath
Let’s learn about chakras
The root chakra is the red one
The sacral chakra is the orange one
Misunderstood, loving the placement,
Faces define the sacral, while charging fruit for the labor, don't trade the truth for the cable
Focus Focus, Hocus Pocus,
the sacral 
Intense and frightful 
It is not the anxiety of going from point A to B 
It is the anxiety of a mother that has lost her child to the waves
sacral that's a life switch
Dinner in Tulum
We could be a flight risk
Okubo designs
Fine wine, I'm on my wife mix
Afro-astrology we
Learning apologies we
the b-day
Fuck if I seem crazy, Under G is ready
If you believe us, sacral more than God
You're still in our crew and we're
Still in our hood, from the 3
that third eye hittin' for
Check it
Open up that root, gimme the loot, Sacral chakra too
Cock it aim and shoot, you know what to do wit it.
Opened up
tryna say
You can make it happen
Just won't take a day
She influences my art shout out the sacral chakra
You see that orange beam this no a glockiana
get a tan
Imma be powerful cus I know I can

Each track's a a chakra
Track 1 is the root in soil I am grounded
Track 2 is the sacral I flow from
Healer of the pain
Anointed with the
Earth, wind, fire, and the rain
I know this is your vibe
Ascend on this ride
And open up the sacral
Buss it
not to hellish desires
Raise the babies from the devil’s lair
While exposing the divine liars
Higher… Higher!
Vibration from the sacral chakras gyrate
From the base to the tip
All this fire from my sacral chakra overly lit
We got earth wind and fire astrological bliss
I swore an oath of abstinence,
that my sacral out aline so I sit with it
Time that is wasted
When you're cold and you're waiting waiting
I don't wanna hate no more
It's all changes

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