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of a hearse and s***
Darkness, pitch black
Never seeing no one
And the devil got his darkest demons
Riding shotgun

I wanna die
So I can see the other
until another day

There she blows
One for the road!

Leave my mark in a place like thos
I keep my distance at a sailor's pitch
Many thousand miles
at last,
The tide is low,
A greater pitch
In which to go.

The ocean swells,
I move away.
It follows me
As if to play.

Now I rest 
In nature's
My knife has made its mark in your back
And now it's better when it's dark and pitch black
So this is real, yes we've fallen
And with chemicals
Like nouveau North London Trash

If you don't unblock this rifle it'll pitch
I could marry her for the money but she's known to be a drag
On my
get Petrol, I play 'em like tech mo
Fade out, pitch black to the right
I run that ditch like Lorenzo White
For a touchdown, nigga from Rufftown
No I
Somber is my mind, now that
Misfortunehas faced my kind;
Weary glazed stare, Beneath the
Pitch-black hair.
On my cheeks, once so live, Adorn
dogs on the ground
Niggas hustlin, and pimpin tryna put it down

Pitch off the mound, that third world clown
We hustle for the money, we scramble for
to the wind
Shit, hungry dogs lyin town, dogs on the ground
Niggas hustlin, and pimpin tryna put it down
Pitch off the mound, that third world clown
We hustle
Let this writ acknowledge these facts

How I miss the warmth of red blood
The color of pitch is cold and hard
And it's merciless
to lift
I've always been a man in need
'cause I keep stepping in and out of the shadow

Caught by the drift and pitch of whatever it is
That keeps me
a smile
'Cause these haters ain't haters
They just fans in denial
I swear, and she understand it's all love
Minor league but one pitch away from being
good at selling kicks
It's why Disney is loved by all the kids
Why McDonald's owners are super rich, we too blinded to ever see 'em pitch
See when this
Still drinkin' water on y'all niggas, man

With perfect pitch I'm singing free my niggas
Polished and purposeful he's producing pristine pictures
our souls, our oasis in the late summer grass, lie close in the pitch black
Rest your head on my shoulder with my hand on your back

And when we
The hood amphetamine

Go on now wit' it shorty 
I don't seen how you get naughty
Come on now, let me sport it
Pitch, dribble that and golf it
Let me
l'impression qu'on m'surveille
Le sang, le khey, ils sont sans pitch ta caisse il te la raye
Peut-être parano mais quand j'pense au quartier j'sens qu'c'est
the right time
All the pain I had inside me, see I needed you
My life was pitch black
You came, that's when the light shinned

I never knew what trust
sitting at yard
Catch man tryna do a sprint on the pitch
Take mans shit of the field red card
You man trap for straps from that jezzy
Us man trap
he's done, the judge coulda gave him life
My guys all rage in life
Booked for a show, I quit and came late ?
? had tempo on the pitch
Never really
Now this nigga on the Internet tryin' to pitch music
Nobody want to hear that shit
It was a puff of black smoke, in the air
I choke, then I witness two beady eyes there
Glare, wit no fear, pitch black
Waitin for
(My Evelyn)

Seems like forever
(Uh huh)
I've been struggling with rhymes
I can't pretend that it don't affect me

Check me in the darkest pitch
forget those nights in the dark
In the pitch black moon light
The streets of this town are still cold
And still windy but the 61c doesn't feel the same

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