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? career suicide 
Killer Ripper spits to the sustained pitch mixed and chopped 
To add a counter point, mix a master that drops 
sexing, flexing in all positions
Whispered and I often listened, she got a nigga at home
Not quite at home, he took a pitch and since '06 he been gone
pitch black with the heart attacks
You can barely move
The other weak ones were the first to run
Your loyalty is through
Every word's gold when
It's about time to open your eyes

And see yourself for what you are
I'm sick of being just another scar
That you carve into your pitch
give 'em a high pitch like curveballs and helium
Young scorcher trying to evolve like Charmeleon
Million, yeah nigga, we tryna get a million

Diminish the pillage
A privilege to visit my village
Are you finished? Soft shrinkage
You see no coins in my pitch

Look to the right
Look to the right
to snap a little too far to ever come back
Go ahead and test her she'll make you run back
Screaming like your heart went red to pitch black

She had
ear each
Napier Road, Black Pitch
One-day travel cards and Fat Chaps chips
We toured the country, took it overseas
Took it from the streets
Had to breeze up to Chester
Got a new flake link, gotta tester
Ooohh, potent white girl, so I pressed her
Hugh Hefner, pitch niggas like Scarface did
gaunda high pitch, main dawa heavy bass
Aaja oh sohneya aaja aaja la la race
Lokan ne phelan sada mul nai o paya
Loki karde ne gallan, appa karr ke
like a butterfly for you

With thoughts as dark as the pavement
Pitch black in the locust sun
He'd never even met a woman
Who'd had the procedure
like this 

(England? Well it's the best kept village in Europe, isn't it?) 

Keep the game on the pitch 
Bung it in 

Now it's time,
Every pitch of every baseball
Any time they need someone there to be honest and true?
Every tear, every trial
Every step of every mile
I?ll be with
quicker than a Kawasaki/
Or records from disc jockey's/
In prison I pitched coffee/
Bought my 1st Chevorlet color pitch toffee/
And the 2nd one looked like
fell off the track
And their vision that was vivid gets lost in pitch black

Age starts to take place like a bomb that keeps ticking
And they regret
the ease

Once again I crumble in a room with pitch black walls
I always tend to come back here to where it always seems to start
Abandoned hope has set
the white Docs'
Revenge x Storm with the black socks
Got 'em all dancing on Tik-Tok
I don't like bitches acting pish-posh
But I make a bitch sing pitch
the phrase that comes along with the perfume breeze and the Hollywood cheese. 
Disaster waitin' to happen but we keep movin' on. We keep movin' on and we pitch
upon your fellow man!

What you think yer at?
Hanging round me pitch?
If you're new around here, girl
You've got a lot to learn!

Listen you old
I was kinda drunk and handsy
Johnson looking long like Randy
Hoping that my pitch is strong
Now she's like "let's do some bumps"
Ew, chill I don't
at all this Nike shit that I get (hahaha)
On dope street, it's white shit that I pitch
Two in the morning, on the corner, night shift with my blick (I
up blocks for the god of numbers
Playing slow pitch with the angels of slumber
Now he is alone with the things he made
Shaking n the afterburn arcade
So alone with my dreams
Fading away to a pitch black rose
So alone pray to your godfather - yeah
Do you hear me, do you feel me
Do you want me, do
I be's the mac mama m&m chocolate candy flavour"
My sales pitch never fails which brings the opportunity
To leave a honey swoonin see I said it like

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