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flew off the pitch, they hit a fiend, lot of cute
Cactus with triple beam on it, I mean
Four-door Ferrari, money green
Got my courts, beat the feds
confident, despite the matrix
Despite the metrics I'm invested nigga, what's that fragrance
It smell like bitch in here, we got tents we can pitch in here
and entertain at the same time
I'm Chris Parker, I spit it for spliff sparkers, no gettin' at this author
My image is pitch dark, but I shine in my résumé
as the pack get shipped, then I'm serving, hit the strip and I'm working
The price good, I take the pitch like I'm Thurman
Chinese K with the bayonet,
Stuck in the cracks like change in the seats
Wanna pitch a double hitter like softball throws
Orphan in the game, I could never slide home
Gotta batter
I'm back
Sei passi nel dubbio e non è un sixstep
Ora ho gli occhi per 'sto buio, Pitch Black
Queste barre sanno più di te
Più di me, più del rap,
the field, net Thomas Shelby
Bro got a ten match ban on UEFA
He was on the pitch just fryin' years
That's a .32 in the field like Ajax
Now I'm in
a switch
All these sound copies, I don't need a pitch
Why your girl ask me how the hell I get my clean fit?

Johnny Depp, Boba Fett, Elizabeth
wake up in the morning?
There's no cat upon your bed 
and no mom to pitch your head

Sometimes I think of how nice it would be
To hold up you hard
you'll feel the deadly rock,
Protect yo' ass 'cause the pitch fork is hot.
Below ground, I'ma go down,
On sucka's territories turn it to ghost town.
that's how it began, on the bench, my friend
He told me you can hit this, my man, if you just pitch in that 10
And they some fiends, some dopefiends, my
this town you picked the wrong mayor
Couldn't even get me to pitch in on a telly
Askin' from me, ha ha I broke her down like R. Kelly
 I said, no no no
the need in my
My heart says yes indeed in me
Proceed with what your leading me to

It's such an ancient pitch
But one I wouldn't switch
'Cause there's no
Whatever I had
I finally sat alone
Pitch black flesh and bone
Couldn't believe that you were gone

Well you look like yourself
But you're somebody else
I tell him all about the plan 
With all of its inherent benefits 
If you lose an arm it's a thousand bucks 
Lose both of them and get twice
My darkest hour, was pitch black
rain clouds in the sky, could only see when the lightning strikes
withered flowers, hang with their heads down
and part of it was frostbit
But you've always been a smart kid
Could still distinguish, the blood black as pitch
Valves had gone stiff, veins and scar
Dissed you on your forehead snake
More dead weight
Pitch fork love; It's for coke thugs
Bitches huffin' & puffin'; huffin' & puffin' about
this drank in my cup,
oh yeah, I got this drank in my cup
I got this drank in my cup, cup, cup

I done came down, came up, slow pitch, change up
me live out in peace
Concrete jungle, guerrilla war out in the streets
Nat Turner with the sickle pitch fork and machete
The end of the world,
the shit's real
Empty fridge wasn't even 20 [?] simply kids
Not a penny to pitch, fuck it we pitchin Henny lids
To make the pockets bulge, can't divulge
and lighty go
From source to sea we flow
We can never pitch our hopes too high (and be)

On the verge of infinity
On the edge of this heavenborn

How did it come to this
You're an evangelist
Am I on the list?
It's unnatural

Sparks fly in between

Was allergic at the first instance
to score standing still
We pitch nothing at all

We ain't trying what we got
What we want is a thrill
You know we want it all

She said I wanna know

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