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Well it makes no difference
If you're young or old
Just get together
And let the good times roll

Hey don't sit there mumbling
Talkin' trash
(Mumbling) alright
I wanna get that fella
With the little horn over there

Fred, can you take us higher
(Yeah) take us higher
Fred, Fred, Fred

starin' out at music city 
From my cab 

Two rose petals on my front seat fallen from the bouquet Jimmy took to June 
Jim kept mumbling through his tear
mumbling trap
When the beats are banging 
But the rhymes are whack
I go back to a time
Yeah, once upon a time
When there's nothing closer 
Than a rapper
Cuz they have nothing impressive
That sucka shit they invented
While mumbling off in the microphone
While the beat is on
While the heat is on
mumbling and flipping us the bird

The radio don't even play real songs 
But right now I hear everyone singing along
They say they love it, and I'm hoping
Welcome to the jungle where I never crumble
Stumble and slip
You mumbling bumbling stuttering fumbling pricks
I'm coming hunting with the compass
the stand in front of they mans and start mumbling
Niggas went from putting numbers to having summers in
Or never see the sun again or never see there son
Hanging around 
Is all I ever do 
Leave me where I'm found 
Lying next to you 
Buried beneath 
I'm still mumbling your name 
Trapped in a dream 
gettin' on my nerves
Fuck all of you trap gods mumbling some bullshit
I turnt a Caribbean beat into this homie real quick
Shit I want a hit, another hit
among the weeds
I was right, they're staring at me and mumbling in Greek

Da da, da da da
Da da, da da da daaaaaaaaa (Malaka)
Da da, da da da
Da da, da da
Game's insuccumbent
I'm disgusted by the mumblings rumblings of what's coming in
Fumble up what they huddled in stuck in such a circumference
few days I saw him start to crack
I'd find him staring off into nothing, mumbling bout something
I'd change the subject
He liked to talk about his baby
human skin
Bleed the aura out, it's time to begin

New life

Surfacing sounds spiral and sunder
Chasing the shouts from under the shore
Mumbling mouths
sparkling  like ouuu ice
Talking bout ice and you grumbling
Talk about ice you mumbling
Gave you the rock now you fumbling yeah
B***h I'm a Don, girl I'm king
and mumbling at top speed 
Seems to get the job done right 
Baby, maybe irony is all we need 
To forget the mess last night 
Obviously we agreed 
Not to turn
we lost

But now we splintered and we've broken into multiple tribes 
You got mumbling motherfuckers and the most conscious of minds
You got some
my buddies
Took some crazy pictures of me, smoking cigarettes and mumbling

All these things I know you left behind
(Those things I took for granted)
Took some crazy pictures of me
Smoking cigarettes and mumbling

All these things I know you left behind
(Those things I took for granted)
All these
Temptations been a long while
Temptations been my lifestyle
Been wondering wondering why 
Been mumbling something aloud
What he said with his head in a clouds
It's three a.m. and Katie's awake
Beside me in my subconscious state
I'm mumbling about Mr. Tambourine
She knows that I'm having that Bob Dylan
music has hit it's all time high
People lazy as shit even mumbling lines
Like bitch stfu before you even try
Kids today only listening to a beat because
wanna say I'm mumbling but you hear that

Put the words in your face
So you can not second guess my shit
They stay mumbling 
They stay fumbling
This like playing Super Smash with a blind kid muh fuck your shit this melee troubling 
Great with the bitch

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