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Welcome to the jungle where I never crumble
Stumble and slip
You mumbling bumbling stuttering fumbling pricks
I'm coming hunting with the compass
the stand in front of they mans and start mumbling
Niggas went from putting numbers to having summers in
Or never see the sun again or never see there son
Hanging around 
Is all I ever do 
Leave me where I'm found 
Lying next to you 
Buried beneath 
I'm still mumbling your name 
Trapped in a dream 
among the weeds
I was right, they're staring at me and mumbling in Greek

Da da, da da da
Da da, da da da daaaaaaaaa (Malaka)
Da da, da da da
Da da, da da
human skin
Bleed the aura out, it's time to begin

New life

Surfacing sounds spiral and sunder
Chasing the shouts from under the shore
Mumbling mouths
my buddies
Took some crazy pictures of me, smoking cigarettes and mumbling

All these things I know you left behind
(Those things I took for granted)
Took some crazy pictures of me
Smoking cigarettes and mumbling

All these things I know you left behind
(Those things I took for granted)
All these
Temptations been a long while
Temptations been my lifestyle
Been wondering wondering why 
Been mumbling something aloud
What he said with his head in a clouds
the sentence, hail the viscous
Double helix, mumbling rejects
Hear in the rock terrible knuckles our defense
Buckle under the enormous pressure of my prez
Since I
master your high"
Can't remember a thing no matter how hard you try
"Hey kid, walk straight, master your high"

First you start mumbling
Then you start
And nobodys there, and I'm walking down the street mumbling over the sound of my footsteps echoing off; 
Looking for a place to lay my feet 
But nobody's home
Mumbling good morning & raising my head
A bad breath kiss to my pillow pet
I take a look at the day turns & stay in bed
Open my eyes when the day
Why don't you strike justify your mind
So coing tribe is absorber.

Japanese part (sounds like mumbling):

Soitsu wa atama no naka ni
I've been mumbling the convex of what I should be shouting
But I'll soon be silent you'll soon hear nothing
'cause the world, world it is
and dried...Inisde I can't hide though I've tried. Get straight, got to decontaminate before it's too late. I'm mumbling to myself. I'm stumbling for the top shelf,
Large, and full of ill-intent
Circling, gurgling
Cross-eyed and incontinent
Lurking, irking

Eyes are looking amorous
Fumbling, mumbling
She just knows when it happens to me.
She always knows my way.
She sees straight through and believes that it's true.
She always smiles and makes my
blew the building open
And blew folks' lives apart
Firefighters mumbling
And wondering where to start

They rushed out some survivors
But soon
I'd be a one-eyed mumbling crazy thug with a heart of gold 

And all my problems would be solved because I eat my greens 
My life it would be
believe in
He thought about it
I said, "Peace, keep breathing."
I see him mumbling, shrugging his shoulder
He probably cursing, but he know better
He had
Of self destruction, 20-05 eruption
Get the drop on, who cousin? I believe in guns hustling
Blood in your mouth, mumbling
Misinformation is

stumbling from the alleyway walking a vulture,
or is the vulture walking you?
mumbling for a driver for your
standing silent, facing the]
[sunset in the west. The one eyed old man mumbling strange words into the
[cold air. The haze spreading fast across the purple
Mumbling with you
Feels okay because you do too
Our words blur
Sound the same
But to me we're clear
I'm feeling you
It's different with you

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