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Late afternoon, the sun's going down
I call on your cell (Why's he in such a hurry?)
Leaving the room, he's mumbling too
Asking for his shoes
was living up under the plumbing
While niggas was riffing and mumbling 'bout, what they could do
I was cooking gumbo whipping the voodoo
I was in
But-but I be mumbling
Uzi stutterring
But-but I don't understand

I don't speak no english bih
I don't speak no english
I don't speak no
came down and there they stood before me
With their stumbling and their mumbling
And their calling out just like me, and

The stories that nobody
She's mumbling in Latin
She cut the stars out of the sky
And baked them in a pie

She stole the scene and scenery
The script and the machinery
a mumbling word
But she's got to know that her voice is heard
Oh, I had a love, it was a true love and I lost it
Now I'm suffering all this pain that
and fall -

This is no time for mumbling
This is no time for forgetting your lines
This is no time for tumbling
All too much, we stumble and fall - We
to drop in San Francisco Bay
But he's mumbling something all about the one that got away
And Costello was the champion at the St. Moritz Hotel,
to do you wrong.
I see you got that lump in your throat
I hear you mumbling, "That's all she wrote."
Love was in the next room drinking antidote.
Everybody feel a little longer
Everybody get a little wider
Everybody get up...

(random mumbling and odd jibberish...)
Orchestrated by?
Our principals eye the concertmaster
Ignore the mumbling audience situating late to their seat
Or standing-room-only stance
In this stately
the cat in
The next thing I know
She's mumbling in Latin

She cut the stars out of the sky
And baked them in a pie

That's how I know
That she's got
in bed, You've been with her again
She blurts out, then turning on her side begins to cry
At first he doesn't stir but then mumbling his words
I'ma murder it (naw)
Any obstacle I'ma hurdle it (yeah, yeah)
Just sound effects and mumbling', to obtain success is to be humblin'
And if you don't
This is no time for mumbling
This is no time for forgetting your lines
This is no time for tumbling
All too much we stumble and fall
We stumble
your body
So give it to me give it to me give it to me

Could you speak up and stop the mumbling
I don't think you're getting clear.
don't care if you're young or old, let the good times roll.

Don't sit there mumbling, talking trash
If you want to have a ball you've got to spend
as long as I get some shut eye
And if I don't reply to all your mumbling in the dark
It's your fault that I'm too tired to answer

I'm tired and I want
don't care what you sound since not mumbling y'all
Cause you can't do me nothing at all
Which means, you can't shine my shoes watch my drawers
Clean my
neighborhood in my slippers and my sweats
Snoring loud and mumbling steady squeezin necks
Never have to worry about traffic or the cops
All I have to do is stay
Fab: See I know what it is,you ain' never had a real one
Female: (inaudible mumbling)
Fab: I ain't never had a real one til you
before they ask you for your last words
Softly spoken lines
You're mumbling and maybe she heard
Say it one more time
Not even a river on a cheek
thieves in the square
Hiding hands and hiding prayers
And all their mumbling

Now they left you alone
Tangled heels and tiny veery oh's
Singing something
never left
'Cause I never let myself forget

An eye for an eye, and a tooth for the tooth
Will leave us all mumbling and blind
So we stumble blind

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