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And we're going for a ride home
Human pony girl

Your nights are a season at my command
Human pony girl, heeyah

This is my highway, no limit enforced
too stubborn 
To ever be governed 
By enforced insanity,
Someone had to reach 
For the risin' star,
I guess it was up to me.

Oh, the Union
Repent my florid state
My mental high

Nerve distortion, a massive scale
Mental holocaust
Explosive thoughtless terrorist
Insanity enforced
see Christopher Hyde-who just got divorced, and there's a restraining order enforced-going in his ex-wife's garage. I'm just drunk enough to open
strongly enforced, nigga
So I

Pick it up
I done worked hard, ain't did enough (yeah)
Got a new bitch, ain't thick enough (yeah)
New-new whip, gotta
of your misleading Divide and conquer - your tried and trusted concept, Executed and enforced, yes, from year one 
We see decades elapsing, years passing
deployed fully how is it we let him in? All the corporals agreed zero-tolerance enforced But as cold as doorknobs were I somehow still opened the doors  Each
a calling that isn't enforced by me
Cause I'm free from a GQ
Playboy establishment
Christ is the man I strive to be like and that's no accident
My dad
of habit or habit enforced, yea
When I get, you'll know I get it
I'll know just what I want

All we ever wanted was just everything
All we ever needed
I who have forged the heavens
I also have my king
To north land I was sent
I was cast to distant Pohjola
Enforced by my king's spells
His orders
distracted by the graphs.
In the resource room Mrs. Petorsky re-enforced me:

Raisins from her zip-lock bag,
And free time after my target behavior I was
enforced in more sectors
you've got to chance fate on the decks
Captain and crew are all one and the
same when it comes down to sharing the pay
speech and not enforced silence.
Similarly while a person is free to make speeches on public streets he may be prevented from doing so when he uses a loud
enforced with domination
Abide by the orders of this tyrannic oppression

Millions dedicate their lives to survive
Adhere to the sovereign rule

Enforced by priests of lies
The injure time of an evil seed
The altar of damnation
Surrounds the victim for the daemon feed
Gathering for
""Mission to submission a universal course This odyssey of virtue our sovereignty enforced Macrocosmic fusion a symbiotic state  Eyes unyielding
did say that
one hundred fifty iraqi children dying each day
from the sanctions enforced by the us of a
is a price that is high but she's willing to pay
Expurgate those wrong in their eyes
Without the knowledge how others survive
Corruptly enforced
Pathetic disguise

Suffer today, for our sins
Suffer the way
Nothing disappears without a trace
Hanger 18 denied
Encounters called a hoax
All out conspiracy of silence
Skeptical attitudes
Enforced by policies
present in your eyes.
Constantly trying to evolve
Incapable of submitting

Boundaries-enforced beyond the margin
A Sacrifice made
Disturbance in my
Suspect device has informed us of discrepancies
Limiting potentials
Synthetic lives enforced by genetic clones
Technology complicates simplicity
Becoming way too much, way too much for you
Sick of walking away

Oppressed carnal mayhem
Criticize the truth you dread
Forever living the lie
All having the urge
Flesh too weak to resist
Temptations, engraving 
Scarves for life

Enforced by, by innate lust
Once scarred, forever lost
The village square stands quiet
The curfew still enforced
The streets are even clear of dogs and whores

Like some evil bird of prey
The scaffold

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