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the H with the fen, you could go fetch you a Benz
Bulletproof Cutlass, Supreme (ooh)
Necklace enforced it with, bling
Truck haul the interstate, make
as fucked-up as you

Time is getting shorter
With these enforced disorders
And we get blamed and pushed around
So who's the fucking villain now?

Now I
I just remember I kept all of your souvenirs,
Discarded traces of a love I never had,

Enforced and then enabled,
I don't remember why I started
Deltron tremendous force to end your course. 
Every whim is enforced 
I send men with torches to raid your fortress 
And in the process radiate
of steel, of course can leave corpses

Cops on four horses, hot to draw quarters
The morbidist thoughts are made laws and enforced quick

Don't lift your
blind when the mind get lost
Rhymes are enforced with action
Cause everybody looking like
Is they slackin, are they back in what's crackin?
Nigga I'm hip
killin '
Your doin' time jailbird 
Death penalty should be enforced 
Life imprisonment for you jailbird bosanova 
Still remember what he want to call
The village square stands quiet
The curfew still enforced
The streets are even clear of dogs and whores

Like some evil bird of prey
The scaffold
to be sold
The bible says, so we demand to uphold
God's word enforced and controlled
Weathered symbols slowly turn to dust
The harsh reality soon
To prove untrustworthy at any cost
It's the kinda connection I can't afford

You and I done expired
Sever ties break the bond
They do not
of madness must now subdue
Order must be enforced to hide the truth
Cause on this day, in this hour it's coming true

Child of the wicked and ancient man
of the storm. The clouds dream disorder they make faces they make mud on some ancient order which is no longer enforced the sugar bowl is full of ants your sister
at barbs.
Crass pity goes the deepest,
It magnifies the dross.

A grip enforced, barely healing.
I'm clutching at barbs.
Leave me to snatch and paw
The land of the free on paper looks great
The home of the brave enforced by guns
Breakin tribal ties to our father the sun
Mother earths rebirth its time
A lesson in enforced restraint


He thought courts bought with golden crowns
Rich Bishops he could tempt
But traitor's gate was sought
Jew is you, Jeremiah fourteen and two 
Enforced by the Hebrew 

Ya hovered by the eagle, America is evil 
Let no man deceive you, beat you,
Christ died nailed to a cross
(life on your knees, get down on your knees)
Now he's an icon to the spineless mass
(life on your knees, enforced
Catholic force
Collective morality enforced
Mass deaths of religious intolerance
Burn the dissident followers

Heretics for punishment. Slaughtered
There is mutilation 
Via chemically induced, enforced sexual gene manipulation
Bestowed the gift of life for food
Misunderstanding of our
All these promises
In the books
Line, sinkers and hooks
A design to draw you in
Mental slavery 
Enforced by sin
On a foundation
Of death and deceit
Incentive advertisements
No chance to elude
Enforced obsession

They assail me with offers of items I don't really need
To penetrate
Shut down ya game of enforced disorder
A molotov of truth straight to ya face 
Bow down your head
Ya fuckin discrace
Modern politics are back
can bury
A natural end
Will only come when it's time

Suck it back
The fresh air of a brave new world
Untarnished depths
Await the sound of enforced
to ascertain any infringements of enforced doctrine . This is the rise of the human degeneration to slaves. Desecrating the rights of the majority to uphold

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