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My glory, gave everything I had now what you got for me?
Took the stairs no elevator, seen every storey
Game enforced it
Just another nigga want
take a breath and we'll wait until

We're suffocating
our love left constantly waiting 
and now we're going back and forth, convictions enforced, 
a plan devised

Destroy your Babalyon
Suicide pride
Try to make it rough on the police
Try run me down

It's a lifelong tease
Enforced reality
Enforced by a surveillance police state

Beware, beware imposed serfdom
Beware, beware imposed serfdom

Robotics and machinery
Could tip the scales
tried to speak up 
We were laughed, called paranoid or fucked up
One way or another they enforced to fool 
As we watched oblivious to it all
We get
Freedom of choice
To use your voice
Not something that I've ever seen enforced
Free to meek
But not to speak
Free to watch all of your rhetoric
for mass suicide - nuke all ethics

atomic storage enforced from east to west
down under the earth - hidden from the masses
an annihilation threat that
A month of Sundays, law enforced
The church's new torture is now enforced
A month of church every day
Is what they want without delay

Backed by
Do you want to get out
Do you want to give in
Do you want to be contained, do you want to be restrained
Do you want to be enforced by the laws
to ever be governed by enforced insanity
Someone had to reach for the risin' star
I guess it was up to me

Oh, the union central is pullin' out
to ever be governed by enforced insanity
Someone had to reach for the risin' star
I guess it was up to me

Oh, the union central is pullin' out
Censorship on the left and right
Watch what you think
Watch what you say
Enforced Orthodoxy
Enforced Orthodoxy
your fortune, dead your shorty like abortion 
Take precaution, infamous laws enforced in 
You married to the mobb, kid take it then divorce it 
or the crime Ima still shine 

heavy on the street talk cut your life support short 

never had no love for you so there is no love lost 

strictly enforced
Now that's three mis, like you warming up your vocal chords
Add a fourth if your vocals hoarse
Like Mister Ed
Get out of pocket have a horse's
be enforced in school so we can get rid of
All the bad apples in the bunch
Clean up the wall and cook better lunch
Put the students in class where

No cage they make can hold me
No law enforced controls me
No trap that's sprung stops me for long
No prison cell contains me
No snare they
to waste,
The body and soul divide. 

A final thrill, a timely kill
Unbound, unguarded.
Fantasized, realized,
Enforced upon the dying.
Free reign
blind when the mind get lost
Rhymes are enforced with action
Cause everybody looking like
Is they slackin, are they back in what's crackin?
Nigga I'm hip
the green, fuck you fakers my eyes dreamy, for that
2000 years we doors like lamborghinnis or carrera porche, still enforced ones with flava, bitch save
is strictly enforced
It's a real bad way to get ya name in the Source
Testin' the limits of a dangerous force
Ya ended up dumb famous and gone
is strictly enforced
It's a real bad way to get your name in the Source
Testing the limits of a dangerous force
You ended up dumb, famous and gone
lyrical mania. 
Power source, and a G enforced, your headboards, and they could be rap wars. 
So come one or two, 'cept for a few. 
Doubles and couples
The only good policeman is a dead one
The only good laws aren't enforced
I've never hung a darkie, even a big one
I've never seen an Indian

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