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Amer-cult, Breathe! One more - seethe!
Freak like you gotta pair
Won't be my fault
When you're painted in the corner of a no-good life

This is...

Michelson-Morley with a point to disprove,
Millikan oil drops
And the cargo-cult science evaporates,
Improbable physics on the move.

as a hobbyist
And start a cult that's turning people into sheep

Pour decisions, a punk musician 
Just ain't as cute at 53
I have forsaken money makin'
Guarded by Terrible Serpents.
Who Careth Not for His Own Cult of Worshippers.

Ancient and Dead.
Primeval Master of the World Below.
protected his cult for centuries
Fires shines in the dark night and the torches accompany the whirling dances as a serpent that wrap
his pray
Take my hand
Cult demise
Left for Dead ?

Head's up
Hands down

The battalions of zero is now

Head's up
Hands down

With tattoos of Strength on their
And technical advancements that that would be the awe of all.
Their concealment from society however, masks such glory,
Playing fundamentalist cult like spiritual
cult right in the sand

Caught in the crossfire of human warfare
Caught in the crossfire of human warfare

Your mind can't truly breathe
When your
going to happen?
Lottery or car crash
Or you'll join a cult

Probably maybe possibly love

Mon petit vulcan
You're eruptions and disasters
I keep
the army cult he was born to win all wars
Oh, he never failed
Jalous men will not love him so they've slained their
Mortal enemy

Holy Rome your sons are
to their demonstrations
Well I have to share my girl with her cult life

don't call me apethetic 
'cause I don't believe the hype
'cause it's people who
of wolfish teethes, wings of bats
Faithful guards of religion
Old as the blood itself
The cult of the undead

Frenzy of lust, frenzy of pain
She was
you throw your magic bones
Littered galaxy with nuclo-phonic clones
Blind religious cult will always fail to see
Time creator and destroyer now
I got two left hooks, who want to test?
Well, since no one's steppin' to me
Take me to your cult leader
Ah Huh huh
Take me to your local
of a Japanese cult known as were arrested for 2 near gas attacks. In Tokyo subway station in which 19 were killed and thousands injured


flick the tarot deck keep weak ones mesmerized
What twisted minds would hide behind the cult of living death
Man and nature so defiled white dove with
of the ancient Jewish legends are just
Distraction of what cults of Sumer and other old civilizations refer to - a race of partly
Divine, partly organic, so
you throw your magic bones
Littered galaxy with nuclo-phonic clones
Blind religious cult will always fail to see
Time creator and destroyer now
And I'll tell you a secret
Crisis (German for Williams[?])

In the blood cult of the wayward youth
I've got a bad case of the yellow flashlight
who kept the candle by the vault 
We who kept the handle on the cult
Brutality and snobbery
Will keep the cults at war
It's just music why such hate
There's nothing to be solved at all

You can't come in if you don't look right
A cult of me, a stain and feast the open brain. 
The pleasures I indulge will pave a pathway to hell, 
From an offset imbalance of membrane
Yeah, You
You are the only One by far 
Because You are never changing

Jacksons, Osmonds
Got digested by the cult that caused them
Abba, Poison

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