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And why are they called Ministry, are they a cult?
Maybe she would properly investigate
Bought a mag with an Al Jourgensen interview
Read a couple
dificult, too me it's a cult
Lyrics lacerate and slit ya' throat
Leave ya' brain down like Episcopal
Sniffin' coke, I don't know
Different strokes, so
personify mankind's collective sulk 
As a result of one angry Zeus fist blistering cult pulp in bulk
Face it, die, place it on the shelf next to the portrait
Fallow drama
I'm listening for the fruit to fall, love
Baked in the footlight
Some buttermilk free love cult
Lady or the tiger
Our runaway summertime
is all up to you
Just let your faith rule, and you will know what to do
The cults grow stronger, I'll stay away
I'm looking at tomorrow, now I know
And visit doctors, have weak knees

Oh please let me join your cult
I'll paint my face in your colors
You have a real nice face
I had an early death
And visit doctors, have weak knees

Oh please let me join your cult
I'll paint my face in your colors
You have a real nice face
I had an early death
Rome will burn when it's time has come
Ottoman tribes fate away
The social cults empower puppet men
Leaving me to pull the strings

Kingdoms fall
who kept the candle by the vault 
We who kept the handle on the cult
on back
Maybe I'd scream
I'd take one last shot
But my one and only
Left me here to die
I was a goldmine
I was cult
I was too kind
I was too kind
I was
the bodies on the cul-de-sac, follow me the cult is back
Sippin' on that cogniac and that Jim Jones
Watching movies like damn that Vince Vaughn is a funny
Holler scum's lullaby. Live from the ultra-fly sham city bunker where the coldest cults multiply alarmingly. Hush little baby, timeout. The black market
The cult of me provides
Our institutions
You can live forever
Besides a grave that stands
Where people used to function
You can join
The saviors of our
online, drinking from its spine
Living till I'm fine, pretty pretty nine
Color me a cult, echo in my throat
Cut it for a smoke took it for a spin
sad just had to rat
Sat in the cell is a merchant of hate, 
Who would hang from his sheet before the third day
Some say Kasso was part of a cult
travel in a circle of order
Like the tape in your cassette recorder filled with cult for slaughter
(Yeah, yeah...)

Meaning the con-tracts manifestly
independent, now I move c.d.'s in bulk
Check on, my fan base is a cult
I'm that nigga that'll spot you, see you in the streets and box you
Kneelin' at her feet
My heart atrophied at her ravishing form
The ultimate test
Her cult obsessed
With this body of the Goddess reborn

When she first
dress them diversions like stripping nurses
Kid the cult is thick and media's the sacrificial virgin
Perching little man behind curtain opinions
the demons of the din
All will yearn
For our nocturne
The dawning of our cult is at hand
Come and pray
We know the way
Bow to the tempo of the damned
marijuana, drinking Cult 45
Hey homeboy, let's get drunk today

Let's get drunk today
Let's get high tonight
Maybe in the morning
Things will be alright

I am
joined a cult gave me words to chant to reach Heaven
So I used them for the lotto and won big money
They shouted you're in don't worry honey
This ain't
[Written by Blue Oyster Cult]

All our times have come
Here but now they're gone
Seasons don't fear the reaper
Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain

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